Eco invention: Idea moves forward and interview

I am very excited to announce that my next Queen of Easy Green™ product is moving onto the next stage of development. I can’t reveal any more information at the moment, owing to strict confidential Intellectual Property issues, but as soon as I can, I will be announcing it here. Watch this space!

In the meantime, if you want to hear how I came up with the idea of Count On It® labels, my first invention, you can by popping over to the lovely Tara Roskell’s brilliant site,

Here’s how Tara describes her blog:

“This blog will contain resources for wannabe inventors, ideas people, artists and designers wanting to license their work or get it to market place. The information will be what I find on my journey to try and get some of my ideas “out there” in the market place whether it be my character designs or some of my invention ideas.”

With the aim of supporting wannabee inventors, Tara’s blog pulls together inventions, resources and interviews with inventors (that includes me!) to help others move forward and hopefully bring to market their own ideas.

In my interview with here  Queen of Easy Green , we discussed all manner of things, how I came up with the idea, idea protection, how I generated publicity for my business, plus the free help and advice that I have received along the way.

The podcast is a little over 20 minutes (yes, I do talk a lot!) but if you have a moment, do listen and leave some feedback – it’s only by sharing our ideas and supporting each other that great things can happen.

Thank you Tara for the interview and good luck everyone else!

Count On It labels, the easy peel label, freezer label. These removable labels are perfect for jars, freezing leftovers and baby food storage, freezing baby food. No need for Sharpies, Count On It labels self adhesive labels can be used on freezer bags, food storage tubs and glass storage containers. Ideal for safe food storage, First In First Out – they are an easy to use food storage calculator. Count On It food storage labels for safe food storage.

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Fantastic blog! I really love how it is easy on my eyes as well as the facts are well written. I have bookmarked your site! Clean Energy is green energy. We all should do our bit for the environment and encourage the use of clean energy.


Thank you for your wonderful comments. I completely agree, we should all do our bit for the environment, even if we just start with small steps, together these can make a huge difference. :)


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