How to make your own bee house

How to make your own bee hotel

Want more buzzy-bee buddies to pollinate your garden this year and help the bee population at the same time? Well here is a nifty idea you can have a go at. Make your own bee-house.

This is super simple and super savvy craft, uses wood off cuts and bamboo. It’s a great craft to make yourself or with your children plus it’s a much cheaper version than those on the high street.

Here’s how you can make a bee-house for your garden.

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Elizabeth Bland

Hi Lyndsey – what a great idea your bee-house is – and so simple to make, that even I can’t go far wrong! I will be making one this weekend, and will let you know our success at getting the bees to move in! Thanks for your great handy do-torials – fun to watch, and good ideas!


Hi Elizabeth

Thanks for your comments. It’s pretty easy to make isn’t it and it’s looks sweet too. I’ve got some more tutorials and video product reviews coming soon, so keep you eyes peeled. By the way, have any bees moved in yet?


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