Grow your own fruit in an upcycled gutter garden

gutter garden

With a little creative thinking, upcycling is a great way to make something bespoke, save some money and solve a couple of problems in one go.

As you will have read, I’m currently in the process of renovating my home and as such I’ve accrued a few lengths of old, unwanted guttering. I’m also a keen ‘grow your own’ fan and have been wishing to extend my veg patch to accommodate some more fruit plants, yet have a limited area to work with.

The solution to both my problems:

A homemade gutter garden

Using the guttering as a wall-mounted slimline planter, I’ve upcycled some waste building materials and created a new gardening space in one, here’s how you can make one too.

1. Find a suitable fence to fix your guttering to. I chose my sturdy garden fence, if you decide to fix it onto a shed wall or house wall, be sure that you do not soak the wall each time you water or allow excessive water to pool up against the wall.

2. Drill drainage holes into the guttering.

3. Fix your guttering brackets to the wall.

gutter bracket - gutter garden

4. Clip your guttering into place

clip gutter to bracket - gutter garden

5. Fill with soil or compost

fill with compost - gutter garden

6. Plant your fruit plants, I chose strawberries, and allow enough growing space between each plant

Strawberry plants in garden gutter

7. Water well

strawberry plants in an upcycled gutter garden

8. Stand back, admire your new, upcycled gutter garden and reap the fruits of your labour (you may have to wait a couple of weeks for that one!)

Upcycled gutter garden

Have you upcycled any waste  building materials in your garden, or if you’re inspired to make your own gutter garden, let me know and maybe I can share you pics?

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Zoe @ecothrifty

What a great idea -it looks really good! We’ve made an upcycled pallet herb garden (blog post coming soon).

holly (dirt girl)

Just made a veg garden out of baths sink etc!! :)Love this will have a go x


That’s fantastic Holly, I’d love to see a pic. Also, keep me posted on how you get on making a gutter garden :)


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