Cool Cookery column: Choosing frozen helps families come together at meal times

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As a mother of two boys, there is nothing more I like than sitting down to enjoy a family meal together.

Chatting about our day and what we’ve all been up to, whilst tucking into a home-cooked meal, is one of the greatest pleasures a family can enjoy together.

But did you know, as well as being quality family time, eating together is proven to be beneficial for our children’s well being too.

According to a study published in the American Journal Pediatrics, children who eat with their families on a regular basis are 35% less likely to engage in an eating disorder, are 24% more likely to eat healthier foods and 12% less likely to be overweight. With further research from the National Literacy Trust, which found that 62% of those who talk with their families at meal times feel more confident to speak in front of a group, making time for everyone to eat together is a must.

However, with work commitments, commuting and after school clubs, how can a busy household still make time for a healthy, nutritious family meal on a regular basis? One way is to choose frozen.

To read the rest of my article for  Cool Cookery head over to their website here Choosing frozen helps families come together at meal times.

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