The energy-efficient Gtech AirRAM™ that makes light work of cleaning

As you will recall, a little while ago I reviewed Gtech’s SW20 Power Sweeper a super, energy-efficient sweeper ideal for those little dust-busting sessions around the home. The sweeper is fabulous for small-scale jobs, but what about an energy-efficient vacuum suitable for a full house clean. Welcome to the SW20’s big brother, the Gtech AirRAM™.

A little sceptical at first that a cordless vacuum could compete with my mains-powered cleaner, I can confirm I have been blown away, or should that be ‘sucked’!

The AirRAM™ is Gtech’s first cordless vacuum cleaner, which they believe is the biggest evolution in vacuum development during the last 20 years.

What makes the AirRAM™ different to mains powered vacuums? Firstly it is cordless, it has no cyclone, or bags and, best of all, it only uses 100 watts of electricity.

Considering the AirRAM™ only uses one twentieth of electricity of a standard 2000w mains vacuum, the performance is outstanding. Tackling household carpet dust with the same might as my ‘cyclone’ mains vacuum cleaner, I can honestly say the results where a very pleasant surprise. It tackled all of the regular dirt and dust with ease and left my carpets looking clean and ‘refreshed’.

Of course, the main benefit of using such a small amount of energy is that the AirRAM™ can give you a considerable saving on your electricity bills. AirRAM™ claim it can save you up to an astonishing £252 over a five-year period.

So, what makes the AirRAM™ so efficient? Unlike conventional vacuum cleaners that require a lot of energy to suck dirt through narrow tubes and spin around cyclones or into bags, the AirRAM™ sweeps and compresses the dirt into a storage compartment just 5cm’s from where it’s collected, making it highly energy efficient.

Another benefit of the dust/dirt being compressed into ‘bales’ is that they are easily and relatively clean to dispose of. This is a much more pleasant alternative to being doused in a dust-cloud, which usually happens when I empty my vacuum.

The flexibility and ease of use is also another great attribute of the AirRAM™. Unlike my ‘cyclone’ vacuum which is very heavy and cumbersome, the AirRAM™ weighs less than half the weight of a standard mains vacuum, making it’s very easy to carry up stairs, as well as being suitable for those with mobility issues.

This lightweight vacuum also makes light work of vacuuming, no dragging of hefty cylinder vacuums or heaving of upright’s, it is a pleasure to use.

Did I mention that you can charge the AirRAM™ anywhere? Gtech have cleverly designed a removable professional grade battery in the rear of the vacuum, which can be charged independently and/or away from where the vacuum is stored. Again, a simple idea, but one which makes the AirRAM™ incredibly flexible.

Finally, it’s cordless, so you can easily take the AirRAM™ to whatever room you want to in the house and not be limited by power points or accessibility.

Also you no longer need to have hazardous cords stretching from one room to another, nor will you, as I’ve done before, accidentally over-stretch the vacuum and pull the plug out of the wall. I will neither have the very costly and very nearly dangerous situation of vacuuming over the cord – a mistake I’ve not forgotten about in a hurry.

So there you have it, the Gtech AirRAM™, in my opinion, a fantastic house vacuum that not only takes on the mighty mains-powered vacuums and wins, but also has transformed all of the negative features of regular vacuums, to create a vacuum that is energy-efficient, easy to use, lightweight, easy to clean and flexible.

To show you just how flexible the Gtech AirRAM™ is, take a look at this little video I made.

Gtech AirRAM cordless vacuum cleaner is available at

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Pauline Lovatt

I would love to win this as i hate carrying my vacuum up and down stairs with the attachments nearly tripping me up every time. I would also love to have the convenience of dropping the bales into the bucket instead of opening up the cylinder and getting half the dust on the floor which you need to hoover up again!


I too was seduced by the adds and the great reviews.
I bought one a couple of months ago.
1. It sucks well is is very light.

2. The battery does not last very long, so I bought a spare – not cheap.

3. The dust compartment is small, and fills up very quickly.
When it is full it spits the dirt back out onto the floor.
There is no indicator to say it is full.

4. it is not good for cleaning edges, IMO.

5. It really needs attachments.

Paying £200 is far too much.

Just yesterday it started screeching and rattling!!!
Having surfed the net I find other people with the same problem.
I have contacted Gtech.

I cannot understand where the good reviews have come from??


Hi Henry, thanks for your comments. I hear what you are saying with regards to the Gtech not being that great at cleaning in edges/corners and yes, attachments would make these jobs easier, however on the other points you make, I’ve not had the same experience. I find that the battery life to be very long, in fact I’ve only charged it up on a handful of occasions, also, I regularly empty the dust compartment, so requiring an indicator, in my experience, would not be necessary. With regards to the screeching and rattling, mine did the same, but this was only because I’d accidently sucked up a rug fibre, which duly got wrapped around the brush cylinder – once removed the Gtech functioned as normal. Finally, as the two main features are it’s light weight and energy efficiency, the Gtech, in my opinion, is a great vacuum which I would still recommend. Thanks again for your feedback.

Jacky Evans

I love my Gtech Air ram, its so easy for me to use, it even comes on holiday with me so I can sweep my caravan out :) ..however today i was cleaning all the house and the green light indicators went down to 2 bars then slowed right down and suddenly stopped working…I have put it on charge and now have 4 green indicator lights telling me the battery is fully charged….I have gone to switch it on and it just wont work at all…PLEASE HELP!!!! …I need my sweeper, could you please tell me what the problem is ???
I am so lost without it :( Thanks Jacky.


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