Love your leftovers: No worries, no waste with Count On It® labels

Count On It labels help reduce food waste - eco product

If you’ve ever muttered these words when looking the fridge or freezer, “How long has this jar been opened?’, “I wonder how long that’s been in there?’, “oh no, I’m not sure if that’s off or not?’

Don’t despair, you are not alone.

Owing to our ever-busy lifestyles, families up and down the country end up throwing away perfectly edible food just because they’ve lost track of when it was first opened or stored. And I was one of them.

Not only is this a waste of good food, it is a waste of our money and time.

Like many others, I was growing increasingly annoyed at how much money and food I was throwing away in the bin because I’d lost track, yet at the same time with two young babies, I wasn’t prepared to risk them eating it. This is when I had my ‘eureka’ moment for Count On It® labels.

Count On It® labels are quite simply, self-adhesive memory joggers that let you know at a glance when your food was first opened, stored or frozen and if it’s still at it’s nutritional best.

Count On It labels help reduce food waste - eco product

To save you looking round for a pen or trying to remember, these stick-on labels feature handy scratch-off panels, (days of the week, months of the year), so all you need to do is simply peel off a label, stick it on whatever you are storing, scratch off the date and track – you’ll never be left guessing again.

Being able to track your food simply and easily means you will know exactly how long your food has been stored, which product was opened first, when it needs to be eaten by or how long ago it was first made. The result – no more wasted food!

Count On It labels help reduce food waste - eco product

To make Count On It® even easier and convenient to use, they are:

✔ Fridge and freezer-friendly – Count On It® labels can be used in the fridge and freezer and are perfect for chutneys, sauces, leftovers, batch freezing – the list is endless! Even the box dispenser is designed to sit in your fridge door!

✔ Easy on, easy off –  Count On It® labels stick securely to all types of packaging, glass, metal, plastic etc., yet have an easy-peel adhesive, so they do not leave any sticky residue behind when removed.

✔ Count On It® food labels are sourced and designed with the environment in mind and are made in the UK.

✔ RRP £1.99 for one box of 25 scratch off, self-adhesive labels*

So if you want to get the most out of your food, whilst saving time and money at the same time, pop over to our shop a buy Count On It® labels today.

*We even do a subscription service, so you can have a year’s supply delivered straight to your door throughout the year – so you don’t even need to leave the house to start saving money.

Amanda Holden loves Count On It labels

Amanda Holden, mum, actress and judge on ‘Britain’s Got Talent’

“I love giving Alexa fresh, wholesome food but a lot of the time I forget when I opened the jar of pasta sauce or carton of fruit juice – these labels are brilliant as reminders …  I’m beginning to wonder how I ever managed without them”.
Amanda Holden, mum to Alexa, Actress and Judge on Britain’s Got Talent

Angela Griffin loves Count On It labels

Angela Griffin, mum, actress and host of Sky One’s ‘Angela and Friends’

“I’m wondering how I ever managed without them – busy mums will know how easy it can be to forget how long food has been stored and with these labels you can be certain if it is still fresh and safe to eat – no need to worry or to throw away perfectly decent food,”

Count On It labels, the easy peel label, freezer label. These removable labels are perfect for jars, freezing leftovers and baby food storage, freezing baby food. No need for Sharpies, Count On It labels self adhesive labels can be used on freezer bags, food storage tubs and glass storage containers. Ideal for safe food storage, they make First In First Out – they are an easy to use food storage calculator. Count On It food storage labels for safe food storage.

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Alphonse Portsche

This write-up is really helpful and timely as I happen to be trying to do a revamp of all the food list for my household to help my kids develop healthy eating patterns. Need pretty much all the tips and aid I can get. Cheers!


Hi Alphonse

Thanks for your comments. Yes, we need to make sure we get the most value out of our food, not only to save waste, but to eat well and get best value from our money. Food is too precious a resource to throw-away needless – Count On It labels are just a handy reminder to help us keep track easily – I’m glad you like them :)


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