Winter Walking Inspiration for the Whole Family

It’s that time of year when we all eat too much and want to stay indoors. I’m the first to admit that my desire to do anything outdoors plummets when the clocks go back in October (I haven’t been for a run for weeks). However, the wise people at The Ramblers recognise this problem and have found a way to encourage us all to get off the sofa and enjoy Britain at its wintery best.

For the first time ever, the Ramblers hugely popular Festival of Winter Walks starts on Christmas Eve and runs until 2 January 2012; giving you 10 whole days of free, festive, fun-filled walking adventures. Whether you fancy a short Boxing Day amble to spend some quality time with the family or a lengthy New Year’s Day hike to kick start those New Year’s resolutions – with over 800 walks taking place across the length and breadth of the country there’s sure to be a walk that’s right for you.

Tom Franklin, Ramblers Chief Executive, says “Going out for a walk over the festive period gives you the chance to explore Britain at its wintery best; it’s the perfect way to get out of the house and spend some quality time with family and friends.” Here at The Queen of Easy Green™ we wholeheartedly agree.

To find a walk near you visit Whether you’re an old hand or a complete beginner, The Ramblers can help you get the best out of walking. Their information service draws on years of experiences as Britain’s biggest walking organisation to provide you with the help and advice you need on walking anywhere in England, Scotland and Wales.

In my family it is a tradition that we always go for a big walk on New Year’s Day. If you are walking with children here are my tried and tested top tips;

1. Make sure they are properly dressed with hats and mittens and that you have spare clothes in case they fall in puddles.

2. Wellies aren’t very warm so either make sure they are wearing thick socks or put them in sturdy shoes instead.

3. Take lots of snacks – useful for bribing them to walk further. I find the best snacks are things that take ages to eat, like chocolate chips, apples or lumps of flapjack.

4. Take a spotting book – Eye Spy do lots of great ones and they only cost about £2.50. Our favourite for walks is “In the Countryside” (remember a pen though for ticking things off!).

Lastly don’t underestimate how far even tiny children can walk if there are lots of things for them to see on the way. Just remember you have to pace yourself to their shorter strides so they aren’t always running to catch up.

Let us know where your favourite family walks are and if you have any pictures please feel free to upload them onto out Facebook page.

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