Window Shutters and their Environmental Credentials

The issue of whether window shutters are environmentally friendly is not one that is entirely clean cut. After all, the production of anything leads to some sort of impact on the environment. Also, if you consider that most of today’s window shutters are made using plastics that require the use of petrochemicals and other substances, it is easy to see how these items have an impact on the world around us.

However, when it comes to plastic window shutters, it isn’t all bad news. There are some green benefits to using them – and in some ways they are environmentally preferable to using wooden shutters, so read on to find out more about their environmental credentials.

Be responsible with plastic

Of course, it is always important to be responsible with plastic because it does have the potential to be very bad for the environment. However, it is possible to be responsible with it and recycling schemes are one good way of doing this. For example, if you are moving house and cannot take your window shutters with you because they won’t fit your new windows, don’t throw them away – recycle them instead.

There are some excellent plastic recycling schemes and plastic products can often be made into a wide range of other goods. The benefit of this is that recycling already existing plastic means that there is less need for new plastic to be created, helping resources to last longer and hopefully decreasing the impact of its production on the environment. Also, recycling plastic generally requires less energy than making it new, so this is another green bonus.

You might even be able to find window shutters made from recycled plastic, so keep a look out.

Be careful with cleaning products

It isn’t just the production of window shutters that matters for the environment: the way they are treated during their lifespan is important, too. For example, this is where wooden shutters fall down on the environmental scale. They might look lovely, but wood isn’t always appropriate for outside use and so only specific woods can be used. Also, it typically needs to be treated regularly to make sure it can stand up to the weather, and this often requires the use of chemicals.

By contrast, plastic window shutters can be easily maintained using nothing but soap and water. This means that less energy is required to maintain them and so in this way plastic window shutters have a few more green points.

Get the best of both worlds

Also, it is now possible to get the best of both worlds when it comes to different types of window shutter. One of the reasons many people like wooden shutters is because they look so attractive – recent developments mean that it is now possible to buy plastic window shutters that look exactly like wood. This is a relatively new development but it is certainly an interesting option to consider for people who want to get the look of wood but are also interested in the maintenance and other benefits of plastic window shutters.

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