Will you take on the Cup of Tea challenge?

The Cup of Tea challenge

A little ago I had the pleasure of meeting artist Andrew Martyn Sugars to discuss the Eden Project’s Big Lunch Extra’s event that we’re taking part during the Bank Holiday weekend, 23rd – 24th May.

As well as the BLE event we talked about many things, including his inspiring green innovation challenge, the Cup of Tea challenge.

I think it’s a brilliant idea, I’m sure you will too, so over to Andrew to describe the challenge in his own words.

When I met the wonderful Queen of Easy Green, the Cup of Tea Challenge was very much in it”s planning stage. We’d met to discuss a regional event for Big Lunch Extras and I just got carried away waving my arms and enthusing about an idea based on making a cup of tea.

It’s evolved out of the discussions with members of a transition group exploring ideas of how to engage and involve the residents of Belper with something fun. The group invited me to get involved as I potentially had a solution to a problem they had. In discussing the problem we actually evolved something else we’re calling the Big Energy Project. The cup of tea challenge is the first activity of this project.

The Cup of Challenge

According to the UK tea and infusion association 165 million cups of tea are consumed everyday in the UK. That”s about 3 cups a day for each of us.

The cup of tea challenge follows a journey of arriving at a cup of tea. The twist for the journey and where the challenge originates is to find an alternative method to heat the water, the challenge being to use something other than mains gas or electricity. The journey could also be to make cold brew tea.

taking on the Cup of Tea ChallengeI’ve taken the cup of tea challenge in our back garden. using a converted gas bottle as a wood burner we heated up enough water for two cups of tea. the effort was filmed and it’s viewable on Youtube.  I found doing the challenge with the children to be quite fun and encourage you to consider attempting the challenge with your family and friends. It’s a simple idea and fun to do with the potential to inspire others through the sharing of the results.

Social media has established itself as a means of communicating ideas and we’re interested in using it to share what we do so we can see other solutions to the cup of tea challenge. I used the hashtag #OurCupOfTea so it’s easy for others to find.

Ahead of the launch in June, the project is looking for early adopters.

Do you have an idea for how you would make your cup of tea ?

Whatever your idea might be I do urge you to remain vigilant about being safe.

The challenge is open to everyone to have a go and share their story via social media. To help you to get started I’ve some questions for you to consider. Think of them as guidelines:

  • Who can you ask to help you?
  • Who will document and share the story of your cup of tea?
  • Do you want to safely heat up enough water to make a cup of tea or make cold brew tea?
  • When are you going to attempt the challenge?
  • Where are you going to make the attempt ?
  • Can you extend your method to make cups of tea for those with you?

I hope to have whetted your appetite to have a go and look forward to seeing your most excellent solution to the cup of tea challenge.

Andrew Martyn Sugars lives in Derbyshire with his partner, three children and dog called Maybe.

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