Why sharing eco-friendly finds is good for business and fans

One of my greatest pleasures being the Queen of Easy Green™ is seeking the best eco-friendly products and services there are on the market and sharing them with my readers.

Writing and talking about my finds through product reviews, radio and news is very rewarding, but I also love it when a company I am working with agrees to offer their products as a giveaway prize. As I always say to them, nothing sells a product more than first hand experience and then word of mouth recommendations.

One such company that I have had the pleasure of promoting through a review and giveaway is PG Organics. Launching their first organic fragrance, Embrace, onto the market, PG Organics were featured on this site and promoted through the Queen of Easy Green™’s various social media channels. As a result of this, PG Organics have since seen an increase in sample requests and have been contacted by a top eco retailer with regard selling Embrace on their site.

So you can see how this benefits a company, but how does a feature on Queen of Easy Green™ benefit our readers?

Firstly, Queen of Easy Green™ readers get to hear about products that they may not have come across otherwise, secondly, they get an opportunity to win one of our featured products for themselves.

One such winner was Sarah, who entered out PG Organics competition. Suffering from migraines when wearing synthetic perfume, she’d given up fragrances, but on reading my review she decided to enter the giveaway and to her delight won! Here’s an email I received from her after receiving her prize.

Hi Lyndsey

Just wanted to say a big thank you! The perfume arrived yesterday and is amazing! I wore it yesterday and I am wearing it again today; it is so amazing! It is like being enveloped in a wonderfully soothing bubble of delicate fragrance; not only does it smell wonderful, but it is delicate and really seems to uplift my senses. Perhaps they should rebrand this perfume as ‘Magic’, as I am in my own little blissful world of heavenly fragrance. I can’t thank you enough as I had given up wearing perfume for months due to the fact that they always brought on migraines, so this is just wonderful!

… I am just so grateful to you for this lovely perfume! I will be reading your blog even more fervently after making this great discovery through your site.

Kindest regards,


Needless to say both Sarah and PG Organics are delighted and so am I, it really is a win-win-win!

If you have an eco-friendly, green living product or service that the world needs to know about, or if you’ve seen a product that you’d like me to review, please do get in touch at hello@lyndseyyoung.co.uk. I’d love to hear from you and share the green love.

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