Upcycled, recycled fair trade photo frames

If you are anything like me, the summer holidays is the time of year that I go snap happy with my camera. Whether it’s the excitement of new places or just the sun brightening up the most ordinary of scenes, I love getting my camera out to capture it all. Of course, it’s one thing shooting these special memories and enjoying them myself, but what about sharing them with others.

One design style I’ve always loved is montages created using a mix of photo frames on the focal wall of a room. Simply by mixing small, casual frames with bold ornate frames and arranging a variety of sizes and shapes together, you can easily achieve a stylish contemporary, yet classic look.

But what if you want your photo frame montage not only look beautiful, but be eco-friendly too? Here are a few ideas to start you off.

DIY upcycle

One very easy way to create an eco-friendly photo focal point is to upcycle and update your existing picture frames using eco-friendly acrylic paint. Simply choose a complimentary colour to your décor and paint all of the frames in the same palette to create a stunning, harmonious effect.

If you are feeling craftier, how about upcycling your old photo frame with material remnants that suit your room? Just measure your material over your frame (try to avoid too thick fabric) allowing enough material to cover the sides, cut to fit and mount using adhesive (green glue, ideally).

Recycled ready to buy

Alternatively, rather than make your own, why not choose an eco-friendly picture frame from the wide variety which are now available, both on the high street and online.

Here’s three of my favourite finds, as you’ll see they are all stunning, reasonably priced and, of course, environmentally-friendly.

Recycled magazine photo frame

Handmade using recycled magazines, each of these photo frames have their own unique colour combination and are available in a wide variety of colours and ranges.

Recycled coffee cup photo frame

Created by my favourite beachside company, AShortWalk, these photo frames are made from recycled vending machine coffee cups and come with chalk so you can label who, when and where.

Recycled bicycle chain photo frame

For all of those budding Bradley Wiggins out there, this is the perfect picture frame. Made by a Fair Trade workshop in North India, this recycled bicycle chain is stylish, yet quirky.

Have you upcycled a photo frame, if so, what did you use and how did you make it, I’d love to hear more?

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