Top energy efficient interior design ideas to save you money

energy efficient interior design ideas

Did you know that 8% of the average UK energy bill is for lighting alone? As you will be aware, one of the simplest ways to reduce your fuel bill is to switch your energy-guzzling incandescent bulbs for energy-efficient lighting, such as Compact Fluorescent Lamps (CFLs) and Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs).

But did you know you can save even more money on your lighting bills with a few simple interior design tricks?

Here’s my top energy efficient interior design ideas that will save you money on your energy bills whilst creating a well-lit, stylish home.

Clear your windows

To ensure as much natural light flows through your home as possible, clear your window sills of any obstructions. Although they look lovely, large photo frames, vases full of flowers and ornaments can block natural daylight entering your room.

Relocate tall pieces of furniture away from your window

Free-standing book shelves, standard lamps and partitions can easily obstruct the flow of light through a room. By positioning them to the outside edges of the room, natural light will be able to travel freely.

Paint walls in a light tones

As in summer, when we wear light colours to reflect the sun away from our bodies, apply the same principle to your home to maximize natural luminosity.

Whites, off-white and pastel colours reflect daylight much more effectively than darker tones. By re-decorating in these tones a room, which may usually need illuminating during daylight hours, will have sufficient natural brightness to light it. It may also be possible to reduce the wattage of your existing bulbs, saving even more money off your energy bills.

To make sure choosing these colours won’t make your room feel cool, chose light tones which have a warm note. For example, white tones with a cream base, rather than a grey one or very pale yellows, oranges or reds.

I’ve had the pleasure of reviewing the deliciously sophisticated ‘Quarter Silver’ from internationally renowned fabric and wallpaper house, Zoffany. One of their 128 colour ranges, Zoffany’s Quarter Silver is best described as ‘white with a tiny hint of putty’ – just enough to add a touch of warmth.

However, if this is a little too ‘white’ for you, perhaps Half Silver would be more to your taste, it’d certainly work as well.

Zoffany eco-friendly paints - energy efficient interior design‘Quarter Silver’, as with all of Zoffany’s paint, is made in the UK using only the finest eco-friendly ingredients and pigments and covers like a dream. Only needing two coats, the finish and coverage on my walls was superb and of course, there were no lasting, toxic odours to suffer.

Mirrors to maximize light

Another way to enable light to emit across you whole room is to add mirrors to your home décor.

Large mirrors or a collection of mirrors, hung opposite a window or French doors, allow light to bounce off them brightening the whole room as well as creating a feeling of a space.

Mirrors positioned on a ceiling or by placing a lamp next to a mirror has the same effect, reflecting the light around the room, dark spaces are made even brighter.

Have you any energy efficient interior design tips to add, if you have, please comment below, it’d be great to hear from you?

Zoffany paint rrp £35.00/2.5l matt emulsion. For stockist details contact: Zoffany Tel: 0844 543 4600

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Excellent, thanks Mark. If you have any other eco-friendly interior design products you’d like me to review, paints, wallpapers etc, please drop me a line.

Paige Hawin

Some really great tips here and I think having light is an interior design trend that is fast becoming popular for this year. How about swapping heavy drapes and curtains for lighter blinds and clothes? I think you get more light in this way and you can still find ones that give a lot of privacy. I really like your tip about mirrors. It is so simple yet effective. Perhaps it is just the task of finding the right ones that can put people off.


Great ideas Paige, thanks for sharing. Yes, heavy drapes are fabulous for keeping the heat in during winter, but for summer, they can really darken a room, particularly if they are in dark shades. Like you suggest, a combination of light coloured blinds and curtains can allow a lot more light in whilst retaining privacy. Another great way to maximise natural light in a room is to choose a light coloured reflective flooring, such as cream high gloss porcelain tiles, not only do they make the most of any light entering a room, they also make the room look taller!


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