Top 5 men’s grooming tips for Valentine’s

Buying a Valentine’s gift for the man in your life can sometimes be a tricky one. Chocolates, flowers, teddies clutching hearts, I’ve yet to find a man (not that I’ve been looking) who’d appreciate receiving any of these.

Well how about treating your man to a little pampering, something that will make him feel good and look great?

Thanks to Melogy, the men’s grooming expert based at London’s iconic St Pancras Renaissance Hotel, this Valentine’s Day treat your chap to a little tlc every time shaves with their newly launched premium organic shaving oil.

The light non-greasy oil is made from a blend of 100% natural oils including jojoba, evening primrose, clove and orange, 99% of ingredients are certified organic. According to Melogy founder Carmelo Guastella, who developed the oil, just a couple of drops to the face with warm water before shaving will soften the beard, protect from razor burn and leave skin feeling smooth and nourished, well worth puckering up for.

Carmello has also shared with us his top 5 grooming tips to get your chap looking like a smooth operator, every day. Here’s what he recommends:

Top 5 men’s grooming tips

1) Moisturise

2) Prepare well your skin before shaving

The more time you spend on the preparation, the better the shave. Apply warm water to the face and prepare the beard area (preferably with the Melogy Shaving oil) to protect the skin from the blade, soften the hair, easing the shaving process as the blade meets less resistance.

3) Get a good haircut

A good haircut is at the core of good grooming. Scientific studies prove that we communicate not only verbally, but also through body language and our image.

The men’s stylist’s role is to determine their client’s style, keeping in mind fashion trends and what will suit them personally, but also the image the client wants to communicate to the world.

The following points reveal the secrets of a good haircut:

• A good haircut can give you confidence, whether you have an interview, an important meeting or are just going out.

• A good haircut will look presentable for longer and falls into shape more easily.

• A good haircut and the right products can give the illusion of a thicker head of hair for men with fine or thinning hair.

• A good haircut can reduce the weight of the hair giving softness to the ends while adding texture.

• A good haircut can disguise large ears by leaving hair slightly longer on the sides.

• Bad haircuts are noticeable- there is no balance. The side and top of the head don’t seem to be connected and a line or step is visible

• A good haircut is like a tailored suit that fits you properly.

• Extra care in finishing touches are essential for a good haircut.

• Versatile haircuts can be styled classically for office hours and funky at the evenings or weekend.

4) Subtle hair colour and hair treatment

5) Look after your eyebrows and nose and ear hairs.

Having eyebrows well groomed can give you a cleaner and younger look as this will make your eyes look bigger and will make you look less tired.

Eyebrows well groomed means not overdoing this, I recommend eyebrows not looking too perfect and slim, men’s eyebrows need to be subtle, this can be achieved by trimming, or plucking and waxing.

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My partner could certainly do with a bit of pampering, great competition and fab product :-)

Kelly Martin

Would be nice to see my bloke look after his skin for a change lol! he is always covered in blood lol! this looks and sounds lovely I may have to borrow some if he wins.


My Husband only uses natural organic products, but he has very dry skin. Oil would probably be better for him than the solid shaving soap and brush he uses. This would be a nice Valentines gift x


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