Talking green babies on ‘Living Green, Loving Saving’ BBC Radio Nottingham

Green babies? No, of course I’m not talking about little martian newborns, this week on my ‘Living Green, Loving Saving’ radio series on BBC Radio Nottingham I’ve been talking about how you can keep your baby safe and clean the eco-friendly way, whilst being kind to your pocket.

Find out which toxins you need to avoid in your baby’s shampoos and lotions, why going ‘real’ with nappies is kinder to your baby’s botty, the environment and can save you £’s, plus some super cool, super cute organic clothes for baby.

To find out more, tune in to my ‘Living Green, Loving Saving‘ series with Richard Spurr on BBC Radio Nottingham – only 6 days left to listen! Starts around 2.20

Here are the links I talk about:

The Campaign for Safe Cosmetics –

Organic baby products

Green People

Burt’s Bees

B Organic

Go Real nappies –

Real nappies


Tots Bots


Organic clothing



Ethical consumer –

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