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Did you know that parents spend on average £209.72 preparing their child for the start of the new school year and, according to a survey by, three quarters admit they’re worried about how they will afford the basics for their child in the new school year.

This week on my ‘Living Green, Loving Saving’ radio series on BBC Radio Nottingham, I’ve been talking about how you can save money on your kids ‘back to school’ kit whilst being kinder to the environment.

To find out more, tune in to my ‘Living Green, Loving Saving‘ series with Richard Spurr on BBC Radio Nottingham – only 6 days left to listen! Starts around 2.20

Here are the links I mentioned:

School Kit

If you can’t do without disposable pens, why not opt for recycled pens like the ball point pens from Remarkable which are made from recycled car parts, games consoles and electrical goods, or a biodegrable pen, like the Papermate Biodegrable Ball pen made from cornstarch or the DBA pen made from potato starch with non toxic, biodegrable ink.

Pencils – 14 billion pencils are produced in the world every year, enough to circle the earth 62 times. Most of these are made of virgin wood.

A very simple way to reduce your pencil consumption is to buy a refillable pencil. They are a little more expensive to buy than a singular pencil, but you’ll save on the refills, plus you will not be contributing to deforestation. Mechanical pencils also last longer, so you get better value for your money

Alternatively try non-wood pencils, like pencils made from recycled CD cases from Remarkable, or Greenciles® pencils which are made completely of recycled paper. Another option, how about 100% FSC certified sustainable wood colouring pencils from Stabilo ?

Pencil cases, very funky and eco, are Remarkables pencil case made from recycled car tyres or these Fair Trade recycled pencil case made from collected juice carton refuse

Calculators – cool and green, water-powered calculators which run on H20 batteries, or Sharp’s eco solar powered calculators made from 100% recycled plastic

Lunch time

Make your own. Rather than buy packets of cakes and biscuits, try batch baking your own. Saves money plus you know what ingredients are in them.

Try this simple biscuit recipe for Anzac biscuits made using golden syrup, oats, desiccated coconut, butter and bicarbonate of soda.

Reusable water bottles – colourful and funky, when you buy one of these Lifebottles you can get free refills of water in shops and restaurants around UK
Aquatina – collapsible and easy to use everywhere water bottles

Sigg – the toughest water bottle ever …

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Steve Waller

Definitely invest in a kids Sigg bottle – I got my niece one that looks like a ladybird and she absolutely loves it – when she took it into school it went missing because it was so popular but she got it back eventually!


They are really funky aren’t they, glad to hear she got it back :) My little chaps love their Lifebottles, especially as they can customise them with their own cute characters from the stickers provided :)


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