Success for Aquatina after Dragon’s Den pours cold water on their reusable water bottle idea

Aquatina Ohyo reusable water bottle

Whilst visiting Prince Charles ‘A Garden Party to Make a Difference’ a little while ago, I came across a fantastic product which could help put an end to the mass consumption of plastic water bottles in the UK– Aquatina.

Aquatina, is a new, sustainable, reusable water bottle, but unlike all of the other water bottles on the market, Aquatina has been cleverly designed to collapse when not in use, making it even more convenient to carry around with you.

Aquatina reusable water bottle

Made from Low-density polyethylene (LDPE), which is a food-safe plastic and is BPA and PET free, it expands to hold 500ml of water and is light and portable.

With the average person in the Europe buying 85 bottles of mineral water a year, at a cost of over £100 and with 5,000 bottles being thrown away per second worldwide -150 billion bottles a year, the Aquatina pocket bottle has been devised to provide an environmentally-friendly and economical alternative to bottled water. Just refill from a tap or fountain and you’ll always have fresh water at hand – and it’s free!

To improve access to drinking water and to protect the environment from waste bottles and cups, the guys at Aquatina have also launched a not-for-profit campaign called ‘Find-a-Fountain’. The aim of the campaign is to increase the consumption of tap water by facilitating the installation, restoration and maintenance of public drinking fountains and encouraging shops, pubs, banks to provide drinking water. FaF have already begun to map places in London where free drinking water can be obtained, the locations and photos of which can be viewed at the proto website

Despite the negative reaction Aquatina received on Dragon’s Den earlier this year,  Aquatina’s popularity continues to grow.

I’m a fan too, anything which can help us reduce unnecessary waste should be applauded and Aquatina does just this. I always use reusable bottles in my household, but have grown increasingly concerned that even metal water bottles can be lined with BPA, and Aquatina bottles do not contain any of these nasties. The convenience of the collapsible bottle also means I can carry my bottle around with me wherever I go, I ‘pop it out’ when I need refreshment, when I’m done, I squidge it flat and pop it back in my pocket.

Ohyo reusable water bottle

My children also love it and it’s great to hear that Aquatina are currently working on a new lid for the bottle, this time with a nozzle, which will be particularly popular with children and sports people, this will be launched in Spring 2011.

So there you have it, Aquatina, an inventive, fresh take on free water on the go. Let me know what you think, I’d love to hear your comments.

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Donna Gilbert

My children love this bottle, they use it for school & when it is empty the squash it down and it only takes up minimal room in their school bags. Can’t wait for the new ones to come out with the nozzle lids! – GREAT!!


Hi Donna

Aren’t they brilliant – children have to take so many things to school in their bags these days, it makes so much sense to create products that are reusable and portable enough to make them an obvious choice. I’m currently working on my own range of eco easy take-out products which work in a similar way – I’ll be posting my progress here on the site soon, so do keep a look out :)


Thank you for the great blog! Remember any time that you consider water, tap water is the best option for your health and environment.


Hi Andria

Thank you for your lovely comments. Yes, I completely agree, tap water is the best all round option, with our clean and plentiful water supply, why as a nation we’ve got hooked on bottled water, I’ll never know. Here’s to more fantastic eco-inventions that can help save us time, money and waste and be great for the environment too.


Big thanks for the review Lyndsey. We haven’t got the nozzle quite yet, but its on its way soon. We have got an improved lid though. Can I send you a couple of new samples?


Thanks Guy, it was my pleasure. Yes, it’d be great to receive your new ‘improved’ lids, I’ll look forward to receiving them.


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