Review: Purifyne Cleanse Organic, Cold-Pressed Juice Detox Diet

Purifyne Cleanse Organic juice detox diet

I’ve been feeling rather lethargic for sometime and I have been putting it down to the fact that I’ve been working hard with my husband on our home new build/renovation project and also down to the fact that I’ve had quite an emotionally draining few months this year.

So, I decided to ‘take the bull by the horns’ and get myself emotionally and physically fit, firstly I indulged in some real ‘me time’ with Eden Hall Day Spa to get myself in the right frame of mind then, I’ve took on the challenge of a whole body detox, courtesy of organic cold-pressed juice experts, Purifyne Cleanse. This is how I got on.

As my weight has been creeping up over the last few years, I chose to go on Purifyne’s Signature 3-Day Cleanse Plan which is an intense natural juice cleanse designed for those who want to maximize weight loss and kick start a sustainable healthy eating plan.

After arranging a suitable delivery date with the Purifyne team, my 3-Day Cleanse Plan arrived promptly first thing last Friday morning, all I had to do was unpack and get started.

Purifyne Cleanse Organic juice detox diet - cool bag

So what is in Purifyne’s Signature Cleanse Plan B?

Here are a few of the items I received:

Juices – All freshly made using only certified, raw organic fruits and vegetables, the juices are cold-pressed and come in a variety of flavours including, Green Supreme, Morning Liver Bliss, Bright Green and Protein Booster.

Green Superfood – a powder that provides a boost of nutrients, minerals, vitamins, enzymes and probiotics to name just a few.

Liver support capsules – a blend of herbs, which support the major detoxification organs, the liver, the kidneys and blood.

Essential Fatty Acids capsules – for increasing metabolic rates and energy levels.

Sisal buffer – for dry skin buffing which aids the body’s elimination of toxins.

Spirulina capsules – a power-house blend of vitamins, minerals and amino acids, which also aid weight-loss during the post-cleanse period, and finally,

Coloson powder (in Plan A you receive an enema!), this basically detoxifies the digestive tract and cleanses the colon.

Purifyne Cleanse Organic juice detox diet - supplements

In addition to all of the ‘ingredients’, Purifyne send very clear guidelines that outline what, when and how much to take, with further information on the all-important why. They also send a quick reference guide, laminated, so you can keep it to hand in the kitchen – nice!

So what is the Purifyne Cleanse Plan routine?

Morning – This is the most involved part of the day which I started with a glass of warm water with lemon, followed by dry brushing, then a tablespoon of Colosan Powder mixed with a quarter of my Morning Juice followed by a squeezed lemon juice ‘chaser’ to aid the release of oxygen in the powder.

After waiting 30 minutes, I then took the next lot of supplements, including a teaspoon of Green Superfood (mixed with juice), a Spirulina capsule, 2 Essential Fatty Acids capsules and finally 2 Liver support capsules – that’s it – breakfast was done!

A few glasses of water and Morning juice later, it soon comes round to,

Purifyne Cleanse Organic juice detox diet - E3LiveLunch – that consisted of a juice with a splash of E3Live Booster (an energy-giving/healing liquid supplement), a shot of Acai Berry Juice (very delicious) and a choice of herbal tea, coconut water (which are both provided) water or broth.

Afternoon – I had a choice of any juice with a mix of herbal tea, water or coconut water between juices.

Evening – a ‘Night’ juice, this is one of the juices with Celery as an ingredient, which is taken between 2-3 hours before going to bed, followed by a (well deserved) hot bath with Epsom Sea Salt to aid the elimination process.

Bedtime – either herbal tea, coconut water, water, broth or Brazil, Almond or Cashew milk – I chose Almond milk.

Now as you can see, and as I felt, this is very different to a ‘regular’ diet in that you don’t actually EAT anything, it’s all fluid that said, I found myself to be surprisingly satisfied.

The following two days where more of a challenge, not only because my tummy was starting to grumble a little, but because I was tired AND the weather was so awful I had to stay in all day and deal with paperwork – not the best combination!

However, and this is the strange thing, although I felt a little physically tired I was much more mentally alert, something which I haven’t been for quite sometime and this really did feel good.

So what do I think post cleanse plan?

Firstly I feel TOTALLY refreshed. Yes, I did feel a little hungry during the cleanse and I had not realized how I had been using ‘consuming food’ as my ‘water cooler chat’ during my working day (the chickens are lovely, but their conversation is SO limited!) so not eating during the plan did take some getting use to. However, the juices are tasty and they fill you up, the Spicy Lemonade was a refreshing change to plain tap water, plus it was nice to have some warming broth (menu courtesy of Purifyne by email), particularly as the weather was so grim.

And the great news is, I did lose weight and more importantly I feel completely re-energized.

Since starting the Cleanse Plan and until now I have lost an amazing 6.25lb in weight, 1.5% in body fat and 1.2 off my BMI score, plus my % body water has risen to a normal and healthy hydration level of 50.7%.

Although weight loss is fabulous and has got me back into my favourite jeans, the best thing about Purifyne’s detox diet is that it’s re-ignited my desire to really look after myself (and my family) and be even more aware of what we are putting in our bodies. Since the end of the plan I’ve followed Purifyne’s Post Cleanse Guidelines, which were emailed to me on my final day and am now enjoying a healthy diet with no urge for ‘treats’ or copious quantities of tea!

Without sounding too overdramatic, the Purifyne Cleanse Plan has really got me back to the ‘real me’. It’s not a breeze, but with the continued support and cleanse tips from Purifyne via emails, Twitter and Facebook it is SO achievable and absolutely worth doing, even if weight loss is not your main goal.

So if you’re feeling sluggish or want to kick off a long term healthy eating lifestyle, I’d definitely consider detoxing with Purifyne, it’s certainly worked for me and, hey what have you got to lose?

To find out more about Purifyne Cleanse, head over to their website at

3-day Signature Cleanse – Energy Boost – £249.00

P.S. if you do decide to book a cleanse, don’t forget to tell them you heard about them from Queen of Easy Green.

Happy Detoxing!


Since Purifyne helped super-charge my healthy eating lifestyle, I have  lost a staggering 1 stone in weight! More importantly, I feel more energetic than I have done for a very long time.

POST DETOX UPDATE – 20 December 2013

I have now lost 1 and a half stone in weight since detoxing with Purifyne – here’s to a super healthy 2014!

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Karly - MyDetoxDiet

Great post! Juice cleanses can be beneficial for your body in a number of ways. They flush out all the toxins in your body, make your hair healthier and your skin clearer, and you can loose a few pounds in the process!


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