Review: Dry2Alive Natural Face and Body Hydrating Cream

Dry2Alive hydrating cream

Although I’m not an expert gardener, I do love being in my garden, usually building something or often just planting or weeding, I really enjoy the satisfaction and peace I get from this hobby. However what I do not want, and I always seem to get, are dry hands and often cracked skin on my fingers.

Of course I should wear gloves all of the time to help avoid this problem and stopping using anti-bacterial soap has also helped, but I still find my hands quickly dry.

Fortunately I’ve recently been sent a new all-natural face and body hydrating cream which has come to my aid.

Dry2Alive is mild, but extremely effective hydration cream that brings even the driest skin back to life.

Containing natural oils, including Baobab oil, Rosehip and Borage Oil with Collodial Oatmeal, which is helps smooth and comfort itchy, scratchy skin and can help treat dry skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis, Dry2Alive provides deep moisturisation for all skin types, even sensitive skin.

Developed and formulated in the UK by Ishiso, Dry2Alive’s fragrance is pleasantly light and uplifting, containing the essential oils of Chamomile, Lavender and Geranium it is reminiscent of childhood sunny, summer days in the garden, which is quite apt for me!

As Dry2Alive’s formula and scent is so mild, it is also suitable for using on babies skin, plus with no Parabens, Petrochemicals, Sodium Lauryl Sulphate, Artificial Colours or Fragrances and cruelty-free, Dry2Alive is an ideal all-natural hydration cream for the whole family.

I found the cream to be very effective, it is thick and creamy, yet non-sticky and is easily and quickly absorbed into the skin, leaving it feeling soft and supple and with no trace of greasiness. At £10.40 for a 50ml tube, Dry2Alive is great buy for those looking for an all-natural dry skin treatment that really works.

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