Reuse, recycle and make cash post Christmas

Green Christmas - recycle, reuse and make cash for the festive season

If you were in the Lincolnshire area today, you may have heard me sharing my easy green recycling tips with Rob Underwood on BBC Radio Lincolnshire.

If you missed it, don’t worry I’ve listed all of the websites below, plus you can also listen again here.

Here’s a round up of some of the best ways to reuse and recycle your unwanted Christmas gifts, making a little cash for you or charity, whilst keeping it out of landfill.

Reuse, recycle:

• Wrapping paper – Most wrapping paper can’t be recycled as it contains little paper, but includes glitter, foil and sticky tape (check with your local council) so here are some ways in which you can recycle or reuse it: keep good quality bits for wrapping, shred for packing, use for cleaning windows, use for decorating Christmas cards, make handmade paper, use for collage, covering small cardboard containers etc.

• Christmas cards – cut into gift tags, bookmarks, scrapbooking or drop them into recycling collection points at your local supermarket

• Christmas trees – Recycle your tree at your local household recycling centre to prevent them being sent to landfill.

• Christmas tree lights – local recycling centre

Recycle and make money:

• DVDs, CDs and games,
• Cameras, hair-straighteners, MP3 players, games consoles, ebook readers –,
• Books Amazon
• Baby clothes and toys try NCT Nearly New Sales or the classified section of
• Old mobiles EcoUrMobile, FoneBank, O2Recycle
• To sell your stuff locally, try another free classified site is

• Carboot sales – Listings for these will be in your local paper, alternatively find out what’s in your area by checking out

Upcycle for charity:

• Bicycles

Re~Cycle is a UK charity committed to providing cheap, sustainable transport in Africa –

OWL Bikes – Papworth Trust – recycle, repair and re-sell

• Jewellery – Alzheimers Society collecting odd pieces or old jewellery – send free jiffy bag, which you fill and return, money raised goes to their charity

Upcycle for you:

• Jewellery/cutlery

Some jewellers remodel old jewellery and turn it into a new design

Some remodel old cutlery into jewellery

Keep your eyes peeled, this year we’ll be featuring lots of lovely upcycling ideas for you to try for Valentine’s gifts, Mother’s Day and birthdays or just for you.


Any gifts that you don’t really like, or already have re-gift for someone else – just make sure it’s in top quality condition, not opened or slightly used!

Recycling information websites: – How Can I Recycle This? – matches people with goods that others want to recycle

If you have any recycling or green living questions, don’t hesitate to drop us a line, either in the comments section below or on our Facebook page.

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