Renew your energy, refill your wallet

It has been a longstanding myth that going green is a costly habit. However, this has been proven untrue in many aspects, and going green in most cases can even save you money. The very principle that the green movement is founded on is efficiency, which means that you could be getting more value for less money.
How does this principle apply to the renewable energy debate? In every way. Not only does renewable energy cost less, but it also offers much bigger returns than a few pounds off of your electricity bill. Going with renewable energy is a sure way to strengthen your health and the UK economy, which are both longer lasting impacts. Find out more here.

Why should you switch to renewable energy?

1. Renewable sources of energy will never run out. Given the unpredictability of fossil fuel supplies and subsequently, their prices, the infinite supply of renewable energy sources is a major plus that has the ability to stabilise economic markets and provide energy service to homeowners and businesses at a reasonable rate. With sources like wind power and solar power, energy consumers can remove the uncertainty that revolves around relying on energy from unstable places such as the Middle East.

2. Green energy is better for the environment. Burning petroleum and coal isn’t just harmful for the environment–it is also detrimental to the continued health of the planet, and in turn, the planet’s population. When we use sources that don’t pollute the atmosphere or our drinking water, we are making an investment in the future and eliminating possible health hazards and health care costs.

3. Green power has the potential to help bring the economy back from the brink. Unlike importing fossil fuels from other countries, an investment in renewable energy can stimulate economic conditions where we need it most: right here in the UK. As one of the most forward-thinking nations in Europe, we have already invested in off shore wind turbines, which have proven just how beneficial even more energy initiatives like this can be. In addition to generating money for the infrastructure, an investment in renewable energy would also create more jobs.

4. Renewable energy can compete with the Big Six. If you’re one of the home energy consumers who has experienced higher energy rates over the past few years due to the Big Six raising prices, renewable energy companies can give you relief. In fact, the recent “Which?” customer satisfaction survey just named a 100 percent renewable energy supplier the best in the industry for the second consecutive time. Good Energy garnered high ratings by putting the economic interests of consumers first; in 2011, the company held service rates steady, unlike many of its industry counterparts. Customers also save an average of three per cent on their energy bills by using the green energy supplier.

Now that you have the pertinent details, you can find a renewable energy company in your area and compare rates with your current service for definitive proof that green energy doesn’t have to cost more.

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