Red Ted Art gets Christmas crafty with the Queen of Easy Green

Here at Queen of Easy Green™ towers, we love nothing better than getting creative with recycled and natural materials that are easy to find and which don’t cost the earth. Turning unloved and forgotten pieces into beautiful treasures that can be loved again is not only ethical and eco-friendly, it is a wonderful way of creating a unique gift, whilst being frugal at the same time.

As well as sharing our own ideas with you, we asked craft supremo, Maggy from Red Ted Art, if she would like to give us a master class in making natural, eco-friendly Christmas decorations. To our delight, Maggie kindly agreed and here for your enjoyment is her easy step by step guide for making Pine Cone Elves.

Hello, I am Maggy from Red Ted Art – where I love to regularly get crafty and bring craft ideas to inspire all the family. Something I particularly like, is crafting with nature. In fact, I like it so much, that I produced a whole ebook covering it – Get Crafty with Nature. It is wonderful to get the family out into the fresh air, for a good run around and then to explore the environment you are in. What can you see? What can you find? Sticks and stones make brilliant craft materials. As of course to pine cones. We found some “mini pine cones” recently and I knew these would be perfect for a Christmassy decoration.

So I am very pleased to be here and share one of our little “nature crafts” – the Pine Cone Elves… We actually made them out of Australian gumnuts too – and the process is the same – so if you can’t find a cone exactly like mine, maybe you can find something similar?

The photo below shows gumnuts being used, but the process is the same for both.

Materials: A wooden bead, a gumnut/ mini pine cone, felt scraps, ribbon scraps, hot glue gunor wood glue, brush & paint

If you are using wood glue.. there is a certain amount of “sitting there and holding the bits until dries” to do.. that is what is so amazing about hot glue guns – everything sets so quickly! Uhu is pretty good too!

1) Cut a triangle of felt and a felt flower (easiest way, is to cut a circle, then nip it 8 times & round the “nipped parts into petals”)

2) Cut a length of ribbon, a   little hole in the two pieces of felt – in triangle – cut the hole close ish to the long side of the triangle, in the circle, cut it at the centre. Thread and tie a knot. Then using a hot glue gun, glue the triangle on, the bead to the flower the flower to the gum nut. Add a little extra glue to help the petals facedown a little. Add a ribbon around the centre of the gumnut.

3) Paint on eyes and mouth. Don’t use a pen, as the ink will run into the grain of the wooden bead. A biro MAY work.. test first!

4) For the pine cone elf babies, do exactly the same, just use a mini pine cone. I flattened it a bit first to help the bead nestle nicely.

What do you think? Aren’t they just too cute?! I do hope you have a go and get crafty this Christmas!

*Thank You* Queen of Easy Green™ for having me visit!

p.s. I would love for you to pop by to Red Ted Art for some crafty fun and The Good Life Bloggers for some good life writing (e.g. how to make your own green tomato chutney – yum!) too.

Get Crafty with Nature


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Love these and for a grandmother of 6, I can see adding this to my craft list. Started my A-Z Christmas Craft / story / memory / places PEI, come have a look.


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