Recycle Week and the Big Tidy Up – how recycling works

Starting today, Recycle Now has joined forces with Keep Britain Tidy to celebrate national Recycle Week (20 – 26 June), and the theme this year is Home and Away.

To encourage us all to recycle more at home, the scheme also aims to get us thinking about recycling when we are at work, or out and about.

As part of the Recycle Week, Big Tidy Up collections are taking place across the country, clearing our pathways, playing fields and public highways of litter, plastic, bottles and metal cans.

But what happens to recycled rubbish after it is collected, how does a cereal packet get recycled into toilet paper and how does a plastic bottle turn into a mobile phone?

Well here are a great collection of video’s from Recycle Now that’ll demystify recycling for you.

I think they’re great, I think you will too. I also hope they’ll encourage more people to recycle and divert even more of our waste from landfill and back into useful, and beautiful new products.

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I think it is great now in shopping centres they have recycling bins but out on the streets I have not see any. Just waste bins that do not have compartments. I wonder is this going to happen?


You’d hope so, encouraging people to pick litter is great, but then just sending it all to landfill is such a waste. The amount of people consuming sandwiches, snacks and drinks on the go, equals a huge amount of recyclable waste that could be collected. However, I have seen recycling bins on the streets in central London and other major cities, so maybe a change is happening.


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