Polar explorer sets off for North-South Solo Expedition

Today polar explorer Mark Wood leaves the UK for the South Pole with the intention of returning home a record breaker.

Mark, an explorer, educator and speaker, is attempting to become the first person in history to solo ski both the South and North Geographic Pole’s consecutively.

Ten years in the making, today Mark’s vision begins to become reality.

“My skis only arrived yesterday! Now, after such a long time preparing, it feels like it’s really going to happen,” said Mark.

He added: “I have an understanding of what I’m getting myself into, but only once I’m one the ice can I really know how tough it’s going to be. I turn 45 next month, so it’s now or never!”

This afternoon Mark flies out to Puerto Arenas, Chile where he will spend a week acclimatising. Then on 16 November, he will be dropped off at the edge of Antarctica, left alone to trek the 680 miles to the South Pole. A little over a month later, he will be picked up and flown north, ready to start all over again and conquer the North Pole.

Sir Ranulph Fiennes has termed this extraordinary expedition “the toughest journey on the planet”. And the planet is Mark’s motivation.

Mark is using his challenge to engage people with the effects of climate change. Using a unique sponsorship platform, The DoNation (thedonation.org.uk), he is asking people for support, not in cash but action.

To follow Mark and see how Mark gets on, with GPS navigation and satellite phone updates, head over to his blog at: http://www.markwoodexplorer.com/blog.

To find out how you can support Mark, visit: http://thedonation.org.uk/doers/mark-wood/north-south-solo-expedition.

Good luck Mark from us all at Queen of Easy Green, we’ll be keeping track of your progress as you go!


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