Plicopa - innovative, eco-friendly iPad case/stand

Looking for a quirky and functional green Christmas gift for the tech-lover in your house, how about this innovative, origami-inspired, eco-friendly iPad cover and stand from Plicopa?

Designed by Brazilian designers, Gustavo Arguello and Carla Martins, Plicopa is a fusion of Gustavo’s love for origami and Carla’s passion for sustainable design, and together they have created a simple, eco-friendly, iPad case-stand which is not only funky and functional it is 100% recyclable too.

Plicopa - innovative, eco-friendly iPad case/stand

Made from 100% FSC certified corrugated cardboard, Plicopa comes in a range of exclusive illustrations, 60 to be precise, all unique creations from designers and artists friends from around the world. However, should any of the designs not suit your taste (I suspect this would be highly unlikely), Plicopa also offer blank versions so you can customize one yourself, in fact in the near future Gustavo and Carla hope to open their community to give many others the opportunity to create their own illustrated Plicopa.

Plicopa - innovative, eco-friendly iPad case/stand - Christmas edition

I was kindly sent across an iPad and iPad mini Plicopa Limited Edition (London ‘Big Ben’ design) to review and, after an initial bit of fumbling, with the help of Plicopa’s online video tutorial and my 11 yr old, I soon popped the flat cardboard ‘envelope’ into a very sturdy, iPad stand. Then with a single flick of the support lip, my Plicopa easily transformed back into a robust carry case which would save my precious iPad from minor scratches AND the unwelcome attraction of would-be pickpockets.

Plicopa - innovative, eco-friendly iPad case/stand - Green Family

What I like about Plicopa , unlike my other iPad case, is that it also allows me to stand my iPad both vertically and horizontally, the latter of which is really handy when I’m ‘Face-timing’.

Plicopa - innovative, eco-friendly iPad case/stand - Christmas edition

I also love that Gustavo and Carla have allowed their passion for sustainability to determine how Plicopa is produced. The result, Plicopa can be printed on-demand, to minimise product loss and high storage, PLUS it can be produced locally nearest the delivery destination, which further reduces its carbon footprint.

Plicopa - eco-friendly, sustainable iPad case-stand, Limited Edition

Finally, what does Plicopa mean? Well, PLICO is a Latin word which means ‘To Fold’, in Italian it also means ‘sealed envelope with important letters’, OPA is a Portuguese exclamation of surprise, e.g. ‘Wow!’ so in essence the name means ‘incredible folds’.

To find out more about Plicopa and this young start-up company head over to their website at

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