Pancake Play – Pancake Day fun with Lyle’s

Pancake Day - Tate and Lyle pancake sculpturesOriginally created to use up, rather than waste, indulgent foods including eggs, dairy and fat that were forbidden in Lent, the tradition of eating pancakes on Shrove Tuesday is still as popular as ever. However, although they taste delicious, I sometimes think that pancakes can sometimes look a little, well, flat!

But not anymore!

Accepting an invite to Pancake Play with Lyle’s Golden Syrup and leading experimental food experts Polly Betton and Andrew Stellitano, myself and my youngest have learnt how to create our very own panscapes (that’s 3 dimensional pancake/landscapes to the uninformed) and we can confirm they looked as good as they tasted.

Pancake Day - Tate and Lyle pancake sculpturesStarting our lesson with an easy panscape, Polly and Andrew led us through the surprisingly simple directions for making a ‘Rapid’s Scene’.

First off, to create the ‘rapid’ mould we scrunched-up some tin foil, we then laid our cooked crepe in the mould and baked it in the oven until crisp.

To create a rock pool, we cut the tops off three strawberries and cemented them in place on our plate with a dollop of strawberry yoghurt.

Using our oven-crisped crepes, we expertly arranged them on top of each over to form a waterfall, then carefully poured over the golden syrup to create the cascade. Although I say, carefully, we were a little over enthusiastic with our syrup, which resulted in our rock pool over-flowing! (that explains the shaky camerawork – too much enjoyment of the Golden Syrup!)

Next was the volcano scene. This comprised of stacking charcoal-coloured American pancakes on top of each other, sprinkling pancake rubble around them, spearing a meringue-topped cocktail stick through the centre, then finishing off with a drizzle of Lyle’s strawberry syrup with squished raspberries.

Pancake Day - Tate and Lyle pancake sculptures

Sounds complicated? It isn’t at all, in fact to show you how easy it is, here’s one of the creators themselves, Andrew:

As well as the ones we created, Polly and Andrew have also created scenes including, Forest, Island and Iceberg, all of which can be founded at Lyle’s Facebook page We Love Baking

Not only are these dishes super easy to make, they are a fabulously fun family activity, plus they taste delicious too.

So this shrove Tuesday, why don’t you get creative and see what 3D-elight you can construct.

What edible art will we be creating at Easy Green towers? A beautiful, green forest of course!

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