Find Fynn and win with Cool Cookery

As a busy mum with young children, you will know I am a big fan of frozen food as not only is it convenient, it is full of nutrients, value for money it helps save unnecessary food waste too.

With the average food bill increasing by about 7% in the past year, avoiding food waste is not only good for our purses, it’s good for the environment too.

To get families thinking about the benefits of frozen food, Cool Cookery has launched an interactive online children’s game called ‘Find Fynn’ featuring a lovable penguin lost in the arctic amongst his many friends.

If you a fans of ‘Where’s Wally’, like my chaps are you’ll love this, as the challenge is to ‘Find Fynn’ and his lost items in the snowy and icy scenes. Children will need to look closely because he lives with many friends like Eskimos, Olympic Curlers, walruses, ice cream sellers and snowmen.

As well as being good fun and free to play, the players who find Fynn amongst the crowds in record time can win a year’s family pass to all Merlin Entertainment attractions including Alton Towers, The London Eye, Legoland and Sea Life.

There is a national ranking or ‘totaliser’ to add a national competitive element to the game, which is live for consumers to play until the 20th of June 2011, (so there is plenty of time to have a go) and the fastest player will be named a national winner!

Brian Young, Director General of BFFF says, “We thought an exciting and interactive game for the entire family was in order – we want to show the benefits of frozen food and how they can fit into family life using an unconventional method. The game is fun – Fynn wasn’t easy to find, but I had a great time trying! We hope families will enjoy playing the game and come back to beat their times”.

So why not give it a go, it’s great fun and educational too, as it gets the whole family thinking more about frozen food, the benefits and it can even help you save you money too.

Did you know, a recent study commissioned by the BFFF’s consumer campaign, Cool Cookery, showed that buying frozen is around 30% less expensive than buying fresh food – that is certainly food for thought.

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Thanks Naomi – it’s great isn’t it. Like I said, my chaps love Where’s Wally – it always astounds me that they can find the smallest clue in what seems like an incredible maze of a picture, yet when I ask them to pick up their toys off the stairs they ‘didn’t see them’ !! :)


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