Make the Switch – The Benefits of Comparing Energy Providers

Put a spring in your step by saving some money on your energy bills. Once spring arrives you will be using your heating less, and as the days draw out there will also be less need to have lights switched on in your home. However, these are not the only factors that can influence your spending on energy.

Why not consider switching your energy provider? Rates can be complicated and sometimes misleading, so price comparison sites such as can help get a bigger picture of which provider is best for you. It doesn’t have to be a long, drawn-out process – on average you can switch providers within four to six weeks. Consumers often worry about an interruption to their supply, but this is never the case since pipes, metres and equipment are already installed. Another bonus of switching is that you don’t necessarily even need to contact your current supplier since the new supplier will do the hard work for you.

Most energy suppliers now offer both gas and electricity, known as ‘dual fuel’, with incentives and annual discounts. Another consideration when you are switching is how green your new energy provider is, the Earth’s finite resources are rapidly running out and you can do your bit to help.

Green tariffs usually come in one of two forms:

Green Power Supply

This involves the electricity provider ensuring that for every unit of electricity you use, the same amount of green electricity is generated. Some suppliers have wind farms and other projects to lessen the load on fossil fuels.

Green Fund

Any extra money you pay for your bill is invested into renewable energy projects. Switching providers is doesn’t have to be about saving money, but also about your impact on the environment. If enough people switch to green energy providers the government may consider offering support to the industry, and you can have a positive impact.

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