Let your mum Go Ape! this Mother’s Day

Want to give you mum a treat this Mother’s Day that will blow away the cobwebs and give her back her joie de vivre? Yes? Then let her ‘Go Ape’!

Go Ape! Tree Top Adventure is the perfect fun-filled adventure for those who enjoy getting active and who are still big kids at heart (like me!)

With Tarzan swings, zip lines and rope ladders high up in the tree-tops, there’s no better way to get a natural buzz, trust me I know!

A couple of weeks ago I was kindly invited to experience Go Ape! Tree Top Adventure at Sherwood Pines, which is one of 27 courses set in beautiful countryside locations across the UK.

The first thing that surprised me about Go Ape! was the wide age range of people I was sharing my adventure with. Rather than being surrounded by ‘yoofs’ as I’d expected, the group I was in had a mix of people from children as young as 10 years old to older couples who had come along for a ‘bit of a laugh’. Not that age or experienced mattered, after being given a thorough safety briefing from a friendly and down-to-earth instructor named Terry, we all quickly bonded.

Hooked up to our safety harnesses, we all tentatively set off on our first challenge, climbing up a small tree and then sending ourselves down the first of many zip wires.

The great thing about Go Ape! is that without realizing it you quickly learn and gain confidence to independently negotiate yourself through the ever-higher obstacles, clipping and unhooking yourself as you go along, albeit under the ever-watchful eye of the instructors.

Also along your travels you quickly become very aware of the strengths of both yourself as an individual and those of the people around you. From chief ‘encouragers’, to mindful safety conscious individuals and fearless leaders, people soon adapted to their individual roles in the group, ensuring everyone has a fantastic time.

After navigating myself through 2-hours worth of tree-climbing, balance-beaming, tight-rope walking and zip-wiring, by the end of my session I was completely exhaustive, yet full of energy. I’d faced my fear of heights and also kept my cool throughout – result!

Although not a life-changing activity in itself, Go Ape! is a great experience which will make you feel alive – especially as it’s in the open air and in such beautiful, natural surroundings.

So, if you know a mum who perhaps wants to live life in the fast lane this Mother’s Day, or you want to spend some real quality time bonding with your mum, I’d heartily recommend Go Ape!

For further information or to book a Go Ape tree-top adventure go to www.goape.co.uk or call 0845 643 92 15.

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