Let there be light – the benefits of natural daylight in your home

benefits of natural daylight

Whether it’s ‘Location, Location, Location’, ‘Property ladder’ or one of the other many property shows on television these days, one of the most common phrases you’ll hear prospective home-buyers positively utter is ‘it’s light and airy’ usually preceded with an ‘ooh’ and a smile.

But why is ‘light and airy’ an important factor when buying a home, is it because we all like a clutter-free space which we can make our own or is it because we love the idea of bringing the outside, in?

Interestingly, our innate urge to live closer to nature is more important than we may at first realize. Positively affecting our intellectual development, relaxation, physical and mental well-being, when this connectedness is broken, our quality of life is adversely affected.

So how can we integrate ‘nature’ and more daylight into our home environment, without compromising on comfort and energy efficiency, head over to my column in At Home magazine to find out more.

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