Is your perfume poisonous? Why you should choose a natural, organic fragrance

Isn’t it incredible that a mere whiff of a fragrance can take us back to the time or person when we first smelt it, no matter how long ago it was?

As the sense of smell has such powerful memory triggers, it’s not surprising that many people like to choose a signature scent that they wear daily, the one fragrance that will always be associated with them.

But what if that everyday fragrance you spray on your pulse points is laden with toxins?

You may be surprised to learn that the fresh, floral fragrance on your dresser has little or no natural ingredients in it at all. With chemicals and toxins which may cause allergies, skin irritations, development and fertility problems, the term ‘fragrance’ can mask a whole multitude of nasties.

When you also consider that 60% of everything which is applied to the skin is absorbed, is it time to make a safer, healthier choice for your body?

So what can you do?

Firstly, if you are so attached to your fragrance you cannot give it up, why not eliminate a ‘fragrance’ elsewhere in your beauty regime. With everything from deodorants, cleansers and face creams being laden with scent, you could opt to buy the ‘fragrance-free’ alternatives instead.

Another idea, why not wear your perfume less often, or maybe spray it on your clothes instead (be sure to check it will not stain the fabric).

Or, this is idea is my favourite, why not choose an organic perfume instead?

Made from blend of organic essential oils, natural raw ingredients and water, organic perfumes are kinder to the skin, body and of course, the environment and luckily for us, they are growing in popularity.

Using only organic ingredients, there is no need for pesticides, fertilizers and herbicides, all which have their own associated health and environmental side effects.

PG Organics

One lady who has turned her passion for sourcing organic perfumes into a business is Patricia Gallagher. Unable to find a perfume that was truly natural, Patricia decided she would create her own organic, natural perfume – PG Organics was born.

Training In Natural Perfumery at Grasse, the world’s capital of perfume, Patricia has since developed a perfect alliance with her French suppliers who are committed to sensible, ethical and sustainable sourcing along with their respect for local communities and the environment.

Her first perfume Embrace, which was launched last year and has since been name best fragrance runner up in The Ecologist – Eco beauty heroes 2011, is an exotic, opulent fragrance.

A musk and amber based fragrance with oriental hints of vanilla, mimosa, and ylang ylang with spicy notes from black pepper and ginger, it is a sensuous, mysterious perfume, perfect for women who prefer warm, exotic, sophisticated fragrances.

Created with organic and natural ingredients, PG Organics perfumes only use ingredients which are not endangered and which have not been tested on animals. With ingredients fully traceable back to their sources, PG Organics perfumes are certified by Ecocert, (the organic certification organization body which develop standards for ‘natural and organic cosmetics’).

Not content with creating a fully organic perfume, PG Organics takes it commitment for respecting nature and the environment through to their packaging too. Their perfume bottles are reusable, the perfume is presented in elegant, recyclable perfume boxes made using FSC approved board, with customer orders dispatched in recycled packaging.

So if you want to fragrance that is natural, safe and kinder to your body, has been created in the traditional manner using the finest organic and natural ingredients, rather than mass-produced synthetic fragrances that contains goodness knows what, PG Organics could be for you.

What is more, PG Organics has kindly offered you, our Queen of Easy Green readers, the chance to win a 30ml bottle of Embrace worth £58. For your chance to win simply complete the Rafflecopter box below. Good luck!

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my favourite essential oil frqagrance is rose although I couldn’t see a list of them on the site


Has to be lavender for me, always have some on my pillow and love to smell it as I drift off to sleep.

Zoe G

Lavender, I visited the Lavender farm in Norfolk when I was a little girl, when I smell lavender it takes me back there

Rachael Simmons

Hello, I adore Ylang Ylang, it’s in a lot of products but I always find it hard to source :D

Rachel Ray

I absolutely love the smell of tea tree oil. It’s so fresh and up lifting – ispend ages sniffing it when I clean the nappy buckets. Wouldn’t want to wear it as a fragrance though!

Sarah Morris

I love Neroli, I had a lovely lotion with the fragrance and I could have sat sniffing it all day as it smelt sooo nice.


Coconut is my favourite it always reminds me of holidays in the sun on a beach some where.

Louise Comb

I would choose Lavender. The scent is so nostalgic. I find it relaxing and is perfect for getting rid of life’s stresses and tension :)

FionaLynne Edwards

I love the smell of Tea Tree Oil – always smells invigorating.

Susie M

My favourite essential oil is lemon because it’s fresh, clean and invigorating.

Donna Lawton

Anything citrus smelling is my favourite. absolute favourite is orange. :-) x


My favourite essential oil has to be Ylang Ylang,Dont know what it is about this but it always gives me the most relaxing sense anything can :)

Clare W

my favourite essential oil in a perfume is rose. Quintessentially British!

Sarah Birkett

I wanted to put peppermint but loads of people have put lavender, and now I can’t decide which is best!!!

k dunn

oh thats a tough one! either tea tree or coconut! nope can’t decide! so both

Cherryl Thomas

I adore the scent of roses, be it essential oils or the flowers themselves – utterly wonderful.


It always has to be rose for me. Rose has been my favourite for everything since I was little, bringing back memories. It has the best, classic smell.

Suzanne Wakefield

So many it’s hard to choose. I love lavendar and pine and anything with coconut oil the most.


I love rose – and would love to try the embrace scent. Before the EU developed a dislike of real organic fragrances I know that scent smelt different – better than it does now. I’d try this with great pleasure!

Shelley Jessup

I love many natural oil scents but my favourite is rose as it makes me feel calm & peaceful


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