How You and Your Home Can Benefit from LED Lighting

energy efficient LED lighting
The increasing costs of running a home are well publicised with the big six energy companies facing significant criticism for their seemingly relentless price increases. UK homeowners and bill payers are becoming more and more vocal about the monetary difficulties that they are facing and regulatory body, Ofgem, are investigating the practices of the big six in a bid to ease the woes of the public.

As ever, energy and resource consumption reduction is something of a two-way street with homeowners having to do their bit as well. Many of these endeavours usually rely on members of the public cutting something out of their life, such as reduced electricity consumption or government-imposed hosepipe bans. However, one of the simple changes that can benefit the home in the long-run without compromise is the implementation of LED bulbs.

Lower Monthly Bills

If you are one of the millions of Britons who dreads the end of month bills, then LED lighting could be a fantastic investment opportunity for you. LED bulbs are on average 8 times as energy efficient as halogen bulbs meaning that they use only 1/8 of the energy to produce the same amount of light. This translates to less electricity being pulled from mains every month and lower electricity bills.

Longer Life

Although LED bulbs are more expensive than their halogen counterparts, the savings are not just restricted to the lower monthly bills. The increased energy efficiency means that they have a far longer life-span than cheaper bulbs. Buying the cheapest bulbs in the store is something of a false economy as you will almost inevitably lose out in the long term as the replacement costs of LED lights are lower due to the decreased frequency.

How You and Your Home Can Benefit from LED Lighting

Less Environmental Damage

Again thanks to the increased energy efficiency, LED bulbs turn a higher percentage of the energy used into light. This means that less is turned into damaging carbon emissions. The EU has set the UK ambitious carbon restriction targets by 2020 and one of the ways that the country is attempting to achieve this goal is by implementing LED technology throughout the streetlights of many of the country’s major cities and towns including Manchester and London.

Furthermore, the improved energy efficiency means that less of the energy used is being turned into heat. The surface of the average LED bulb is not as hot as many halogen bulb after use and less heat is emitted. This has led to many museums and people with pieces of art in their home adopting LED bulbs due to the reduced risk of heat damage.

Easier to Control and Intuitive

The houses of the future that the baby-boomer generation were promised may not have come entirely to fruition, but lighting controlled by a central station (a simple smart phone) is becoming more and more commonplace. The intelligent technology used in LED lighting allows it to be fully compliant with useful apps making lighting control more efficient than ever.

Astute Lighting Ltd Director, Mr Adam, enthuses: “We are seeing the capabilities of LED lighting pushed ever-further. There are now LED lights that are doubling up as security cameras and even environmental monitors.”

… and soon it may be illegal to not invest in LED lighting

Like incandescent bulbs before them, halogen bulbs could soon become a thing of the past as EU proposals look set to ban them. The EU are currently reviewing legislation that will ban the sale of halogen bulbs as the committee plans for a more energy efficient and environmentally-friendly Europe.

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Very interesting post!
At the moment I’m re-doing my home, making everything as green as possible, and that’s also how I stumbled upon this blogpost. I just changed all my lamps to LED lights from, this month the solar panels will be installed and I am looking into greener ways of heating my house. All small ways that together can have a big impact. Thank you for the info!


Thanks for your comment Milan. Do you currently have wall mounted radiators, if you do, this article should be of interest to you too?


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