How to Price Green Products

One objection I am always coming up against when I am discussing green products with mums, is that they are too expensive, there is not much choice and that they simply don’t work as well.

As my mission is to create products that help regular families live an easier, green life, the negative perception of eco-friendly products being out of reach of the mainstream is a real shame. I believe that if ‘green’ products can be normalised and if their products can be designed in such a way that consumers want them regardless if they are green or not, then we have a good chance of making green choices our first choices.

Here’s a great article from regarding some of the other obstacles green products face.

Price is the number one reason more Americans are not going green, according to OgilvyEarth’s recently published study, “Mainstream Green: Moving Sustainability from Niche to Normal.”

At first we at OglivyEarth weren’t too surprised by this finding; years of consumer research have taught us that consumers will always claim price is the biggest barrier to purchase, but the picture is usually more complicated than that. However, as we dug deeper into the green gap — the gap between people’s stated intentions and their actual actions when it comes to living and purchasing sustainably — we realized that in this case, price really is a major barrier to a mainstream green movement in the U.S. for a whole host of reasons.

Our study looked at the green gap across the U.S. population and found that, of the 82 percent of Americans who say they have good green intentions, only 16 percent are fully acting on them. The other 66 percent, the Middle Green, otherwise known as the mainstream consumer, is failing to convert their intention to action. We set out to understand what was keeping the gap propped open and how we might begin to close it.

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