How to make eco-friendly seedling pots

Following on from my Earth Day pledge, here’s a little ‘how to’ video I made, to show you just how easy it is to make your own eco-friendly seedling pots. A must for those who are really keen to get ‘growing our own’.

The first of what I intend to be many, as the Queen of Easy Green™ I will be sharing my savvy, easy green-living tips and advice on my video ‘do-torials’ (as in ‘you can do it’ tutorials – like what I did there?).

I’ll also be featuring my little chaps too, they’re full of eco-ideas, so hopefully you can get your little ones involved too.


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Naomi Richards

We grow our own so I may post a picture of what we have grown. We have the most enormous courgettes right now!


Now courgettes is the only thing we’ve not got … yet. Don’t you just love growing you own. :)

sarah edgecumbe

Hi there,

Great video, I have been looking for something like this. I wanted to raise some seedlings but didn’t want to buy plastic pots to do it and the clay ones are just too expensive.

I will be following your advice. Thanks for the tip.

I have only recently decided that we need to be more green in our living. Just started a new blog about our efforts as well. I’m trying to grow as much as i can in the very very limited area we have. Hope we should be able to produce enough veges for husband and i within 2 growing seasons.

Thanks again for the utube video



Hi Sarah, thank you, I am really pleased you found the video helpful. It makes such sense making your own eco-friendly seedling pots, plus it makes planting out so much easier. We’ll be featuring lots more gardening tips this year, simple ideas that are easy green, save money and waste, so do stay tuned. Good luck with growing your own and feel free to share your green living progress on our Facebook page here –


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