Grow you own vegetable stir-fry

Grow you own vegetables

The Vegetable Trading Co launches to encourage more people to get growing.

Pretty soon we will have city bankers growing onions on their penthouse balconies, and students growing stir-fries in their back yards.

Whether it’s in a city centre apartment, or a giant allotment, The Vegetable Trading Co has been designed to get the UK growing veg. The website homepage lets you select whether you have an apartment, a balcony, or a garden. You’re then given a selection of vegetables and herbs that you can grow, and more importantly, a step by step guide on how to grow them.

As well as super simple growing guides for each vegetable, the site provides facts, meals ideas and even cost savings vs. buying from the supermarket. In addition to over 43 herbs and vegetables, the site sells a number of seed bundles. The Christmas Dinner Bundle costs just £5.99 and gives you all the seeds you need to grow everything apart from the turkey! The Kids Fun Bundle is designed to get children involved in growing – the best way to get them eating their greens. The Stir-Fry Bundle, does exactly what it says on the tin.

The website has been created by 26 year-old Chris Mole from Farnham, Surrey. Chris has been a big fan of growing vegetables for years now, and recently dug over half of his garden to dedicate to testing all of the varieties the site sells.

Chris Mole, founder of The Vegetable Trading Co. said:

“Our website is a great starting point for anyone that wants to start growing their own herbs or veg, but have no idea where to begin. We have over 15 varieties that can be grown pretty much year round indoors, and even more if you have a balcony or patio.

Not only can you save money by growing your own, but it means you always have a fresh supply, and you know there have been no chemicals or pesticides used”

For further information please contact Chris Mole on 07853296561, or

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