Green your business with an eco-friendly garden office

Eco-friendly Log Cabin - FSC Garden Office

A straightforward, trouble-free commute to work is everybody’s ideal situation in a morning. Getting the kids up, in the car and out to school certainly causes a lot of stress, which can often be taken to the workplace.

However, if you have your own business you may want to consider a garden office. More than 3.7 million people work from home (myself included) and not only would this solution help you financially; it would also benefit the environment.

One of the main pitfalls of running your own business at home is the fact that there is often very little space to focus and work comfortably. It’s hardly an ideal situation when you are trying to work and you are surrounded by distractions.

Separating your work life from home life can often be difficult when you run a home business, however bringing your office into your garden can merge the opportunity to work in an environment that gives you escapism. A log cabin can provide you with the perfect working space which is not only inexpensive but sustainable, attractive and also adds value to your property price. There is a common misconception that log cabins are simply glamourized sheds however this simply isn’t true!

Eco-friendly Log Cabin - FSC Garden Office

Secondary to flexibility and well-being is the expense of cost and rising fuel prices mean that commuting is damaging to your finances. A garden office is far cheaper than renting out office space and from £2000 upwards a solid timber structure gives all year-round use and protection. Electricity costs for heat and power will remain low which will create a positive knock-on effect for business cash flow.

Insulation is particularly important in the winter months and this can be achieved with various eco-friendly, cost-cutting methods. Infrared heating panels are economical and have low energy consumption and are user friendly to your garden log cabin. You may also want to use a wood burner in which the resulting ash can be composted.

For an environmentally-friendly, low cost work area you need to use sustainable materials. Timber is a renewable source which does not require complicated and harmful processing and can be recycled for a variety of uses. Using timber offers a safe alternative for harmful, more temporary materials and structures.

Organisations such as the FSC work closely with timber suppliers to ensure that timber is sourced in an ethically and environmentally friendly manner which is beneficial to forest reproduction and the creation of the materials.

By supporting FSC, PEFC and CPET companies like leading online retailer of bespoke eco-friendly log cabins, Tiger Log Cabins and Taylors Garden Buildings, provide goods of an exceptional standard built with the finest, ethically-sourced timber.

As a ‘shed-worker’ myself I cannot recommend garden offices enough, as well as the benefits listed above, working from a garden office is convenient, it allows me to support other local businesses in my community, plus I benefit from feeling closer to nature. Unlike being cocooned in a fluorescent-lit office where it could be sunny or rainy outside, working from a garden office allows you to see the seasons change and if you are very, very lucky and  you can easily pop outside to enjoy a cuppa or two in the sunshine!

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