Green MP urges a ‘real rethink’ of planned solar cuts

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– Government’s strong words on climate are ‘bluster and spin’.

Caroline Lucas, the Green MP for Brighton Pavilion, has said that planned cuts for solar could ‘inflict serious damage on an industry which creates thousands of jobs’.

Lucas’ remarks follow a Government announcement to cut subsidies to households installing rooftop solar panels.

Caroline Lucas MP said:

“I welcome the fact that the Government has rowed back slightly on these cuts but these measures will still be deeply damaging.

‘Rather than really rethinking these disastrous and deeply unpopular plans ministers will inflict serious damage on an industry which creates thousands of jobs and is a vital part of a zero carbon future.

‘The Government’s strong words on climate change ahead of the Paris summit are being revealed to be nothing short of bluster and spin. Ministers happily take credit for being being climate champions on an international stage while flagrantly undermining the renewable industry here at home.

‘Solar is popular and cost effective- and the price is rapidly dropping. To cut support at this stage not only dashes hopes of Britain leading the way in meeting the 1.5 degree target set in Paris last week, but also risks putting thousands of people of of work’

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