Green beauty review: natural, organic skin care products Part Four – Hand lotions

Green beauty review - natural, organic hand creams and lotions

I’ve been working on my ‘upcycled’ garden design recently (for a possible TV appearance) and despite wearing gloves, the condition of my hands has suffered. Dry and chapped, they are in desperate need of a little TLC.

Fortunately, I’ve been sent a collection of all-natural hand creams to review, so here’s my lowdown of the best chemical-free, cruelty-free hand lotions on the market.

Best for soothing - Hope’s Relief Intensive Dry Skin Rescue

Hope's Relief Intensive Dry Skin rescueIf you suffer from skin conditions such as Eczema, Psoriasis, Dermatitis or just suffer from dry, itchy skin, Hope’s Relief is exactly what you are looking for. Containing only natural ingredients, including organic Manuka Honey, Calendula, Aloe Vera, Gotu Kola (an active collagen to strengthen skin) and Licorice root, a natural alternative to cortisone, Hope’s Relief intensive dry skin rescue instantly calms, moisturizes and soothes dry itchy skin.

A soft putty cream in colour and texture, with a distinct natural fragrance (it reminded me of fresh pipe tobacco!) Hope’s Relief is easily absorbed into the skin and gets to work immediately.

Instantly soothing the dry skin between my fingers and leaving my skin feeling silk-like, my hands felt and looked soft and supple.

Hypoallergenic, 100% natural and suitable for sensitive skin, Hope’s Relief products (unlike many other well known hand creams) are free from chemical nasties including skin irritants sodium laurel sulphate, parabens, artificial colours, fragrances and petrochemicals. Not only that, Hope’s Relief is safe to use on babies, children and adults for extended periods of time, not surprising to learn then that it is Australia’s leading natural dry skin and eczema range.

Hope’s Relief Intensive Dry Skin Rescue £16.20 for a 60gm tube available from

Best for fragrance – Trilogy Hand Cream

Trilogy natural hand cream trioIf like me you love a organic skin care products that leave your skin smelling yummy, well I’ve got the all-natural hand cream trio for you.

The Trilogy Hand Cream Trio Gift Box, which I reviewed, included the scrumptious trio of, Ultra Hydrating Hand Cream (50ml), Rose Hand Cream (50ml) and Holiday Hand Cream (50ml Limited Edition product)

Certified natural, under the internationally recognised NATRUE standard and containing certified organic Rosehip Oil*, Trilogy’s hand creams naturally work in harmony with your skin leaving it soft, hydrated and protected against moisture-loss.
My favourite, although I must admit it’s a close call between all three, is the Ultra Hydrating Hand Cream, which blends the soothing and hydrating qualities of Rosehip, Manuka Honey and White Tea with the mouth-wateringly fragrance of Sweet Orange, Amber and Vanilla. D-i-v-i-n-e!

My close second favourite is the Limited Edition Holiday Hand cream, again containing certified organic Rosehip Oil and New Zealand Manuka Honey, the soft Mimosa and Raspberry fragranced hand cream immediately conjures up images of warm, sweet-scented summer evenings – and with the fresh weather we’re experiencing, that’s a real treat.

Trilogy Hand Cream Trio Gift Box £17.50 With Free UK Delivery available at

*Trilogy Certified Organic Rosehip Oil and Rosehip Oil Antioxidant+ are certified organic by BioGro NZ Ltd, New Zealand’s leading organic certifier and IFOM (International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements) accredited organisation.

Best for value – JASON Wheat Germ Vitamin E Hand & Body Lotion

Jason Wheat Germ Vitamin E lotionLooking for an everyday natural skincare lotion that can be used on hands and body that won’t blow the budget, JASON’s pure natural hand and body lotion is ideal.

With no parabens or phthalates, JASON Wheat Germ Vitamin E lotion contains Wheat Germ Oil, which is high in Vitamin E and natural Avocado Oil, which is high in essential fatty acids combined with Vitamins A, B5 & C to effectively moisturise and hydrate the skin and, as it claims, with use, minimise the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Now I’ve only been using it on my hands and feet and whilst I can certainly confirm it’s doing a sterling job hydrating my paws, leaving them soft and moisturised, the jury is out at the moment as to whether or not they are more youthful looking … time will tell!

A natural health and beauty skincare leader since 1959, JASON’s ethos is to only use high strength natural ingredients that work to produce results, skin care products that have no harsh chemicals, which aren’t tested on animals and can be used safely everyday and which have a healthy respect for our environment as a whole.

With everything from skin care, hair care, body care, oral care, sun care, deodorants and a children’s range, JASON is certainly a brand I’ll be getting to know a lot better.

Jason Wheat Germ Vitamin E Hand & Body Lotion (250g) £6.99

Available at leading health stores nationwide including Tesco Nutricentres , Whole Foods Market, Planet Organic, Selfridges Pharmacy, Harrods Pharmacy, Liberty and online at

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