Fruity frugal cleaning on the BBC Radio Leicester

Just in case you missed it, yesterday I was invited onto Jim Davis’ mid morning show on BBC Radio Leicester, to talk about saving money when spring cleaning and to share my easy green cleaning tips.

As I’m a lover of getting the most value out of my money and food, I shared some of my top tips on how by getting fruity in the home, we can all have a nice clean and healthy home, whilst reducing the amount of unnecessary waste that goes into our bin.

To hear my top fruity frugal tips, including lovely lemons and cool cucumbers, click on this link. My piece starts at about 2:08.

If you have any more tips you’d like to share, let me know. I’ll definitely be doing more on this subject very soon. Oh, you may also want to tune into Superscrimpers on Channel 4 on Wednesday at 8.30 – they’ve got some brilliant thrifty tips too. I’ll have more to say on that very soon….

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Naomi Richards

Wow Lyndsey – you are doing so well. I will have a listen. Stil lwaiting to hear if you are planning on any more new products. Any news?


Thanks Naomi – I was also on BBC Radio Coventry on Saturday – sharing more of my fruity frugal tips!

Yes, I’m currently working with a high street retailer on my second product and I have a third in development. New product development is such a slow process and it can be a little frustrating not being able to share the news, but the results will definitely worth the wait. Thanks for following my progress and for your feedback, it means alot. :)


No, I’m afraid BBC iplayer only holds the recording for a limited time – but thank you for your generous comments. By the way, we are launching our first newsletter shortly, it’ll be packed full of easy green tips, news, product reviews and competitions, to sign up, just hop over to the sign up box on the top left of this page. Thanks, Lyndsey


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