Eco-friendly printing services and why it is about Corporate Social Responsibility

eco-friendly printing

As a customer you have the power to direct the way of the industry. Your decisions demonstrate companies your will and the kind of products you want. In your daily routine you buy products from organic farmers, because you care about nature and you care about yourself, because you do not want to live an unhealthy life.

But have you ever thought about the wrapping and the imprint on it? What kind of colours have been used for the imprint and what kind of cardboard boxes or papers? If you would also care about the wrapping and the imprints, industry would be forced to take care about it too. Then companies would have to choose print offices, which have an eco-friendly printing services and take care of colours, materials and machines used for the whole process.

But not only if you buy products in your daily routine, what about your office? Who takes care about the environmentaly business cards, letter paper or flyer? Have you ever asked yourself, if these are eco-friendly printed flyers?

You see, there are a lot of products you use, with whom you can show your environmental consciousness. As a printing office, Onlineprinters UK, want to show their Corporate Social Responsibility, because they take environmental protection serious. That’s the reason, why investments in ecologically sustainable developments, which starts with recycled paper, goes on with eco-friendly printing machines powered by renewable energy and ends with well trained employees intrested in ”green“-printing and resource-saving delivery.

Choose recycled paper

In printing processes you should choose recycled paper and check if the printing shop has already reduced the waste of paper in its process. To keep the waste paper usage as low as possible, Onlineprinters perform an optimized printing process and do not run common sheet offset printing projects hd nude celebs camet toe pussy pokies. All necessary machine settings are prepared before the printing to garantee a high quality and the process is optimized for printing similar projects in one run and keep waste paper low.

Machines and technology

Environmental consciousness means also investing money for protection. Therefore printing shops have to invest in new printing machines, which need less water, less ink and can print without the addition of alcohol whenever it is possible. Instead Onlineprinters uses mostly biologically safe cleaning agents, which are reusable. Special filter systems guarantee a water conservation, so water could be refined and used again. But this is only one part new machines add to environmental protection – a special heat recovery system uses the heat produced by the machines for heating the whole all without needing additional energy.

The machinery consists at Onlineprinters mostly of the newest generation of offset sheet printing machines from Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG and some machines from König & Bauer AG.

Also the ink supply is optimized at Onlineprinters. The used ink is delivered in 300kg exchangeable containers. This has the advantage that no small ink containers or ink cartridges are used. But all that doesn’t mean anything, if your employees aren’t intrested in ”green“-printing.

Employee training

Through continuous employee training seminars, the available measurement and control technologies can be used optimally, making use of all of their possibilities and resulting in environmentally aware printing. An efficient consolidation of similar printing projects completes the efficiency and the respective raw material consumption.

Love the earth, don’t devour it

As you see it is really up to you, which products you choose and if also material in your office is eco-friendly. Inform yourself about the paper, the printing service and wrapping of products. Be aware which print office or print online shop you choose.

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