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As you all know here at The Queen of Easy Green we are all very keen on reducing food wastage and saving money, so we were very pleased to receive some samples of the new Sistema Klip-It microwave range.

Sistema has designed a fantastic new range of ‘Klip It Microwave’ products that provide the ultimate cooking and storage solutions. The range is designed to promote healthy eating to suit today’s busy lifestyles. What’s more, the entire product range is BPA free so there is no need to worry about potential contamination of stored food or liquids.

Here at Easy Green Towers we tested the small steamer and the small plate. The steamer was particularly useful for cooking small portions of vegetables quickly to go with the kid’s dinner. I found the plate very useful for saving individual portions of leftover lasagne in the freezer. The plates and their lids are rigid so that delicate items can be put in the freezer without any worry of them being squashed. The plate can then be used in the microwave because there is a built in steam vent in the top of the lid. The plates are reusable so not only do they encourage you to save leftovers but they also help cut down on waste from using freezer bags, cling wrap and tin foil.

All containers are versatile as trays can be removed in order to store and then re-heat pastas, bolognaise curries and much, much more. The Range is also ideal for freezing food and storing leftovers. Perfect for the winter months when a good stew is exactly what you need to warm you up!

The range offers an all round cooking solution with 3 steamer products, 3 plate products (complete with an inner tray excellent for cooking meats and fish). There is also a brilliant Soup to Go mug that is perfect taking to work and keeping at the office.

If you would like to get your hands on the new Klip It microwave range the lovely people at Sistema have given us a full set to give away (Seven items). To enter please use the Rafflecopter form below. Good Luck!

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tamalyn roberts

i love left over sunday dinner veg, potatoes and roasties etc, as i make a huge fry up by adding onions the next day with a friend egg on top, yummy xx

Jean Bolsover

Veg from the Sunday roast, make up bubble & squeak later or the following day.


Roast dinner leftovers are the best. We also freeze bolognaise/chilli leftovers. When we get enough for a meal we mix them together, we once had chilli bol which had peas, cannellini beans and baked beans in!!!

maureen findley

my favourite leftovers are from the sunday roast. i have them fried up on a monday. yum


My favourite meals with leftovers are to make a stew from Sunday’s chicken bones, also if we have some of the meat left I put some of the veg with it, mix up a quick roux sauce, pore over and put on a puff pastry lid.
Hey presto a Chicken and Veg pie for Monday night.

Barb Cohen

Risotto leftovers are great – I just add some extra fresh veg when I reheat it, tastes lovely.


I always do a Sunday roast and on Monday, I fry up all the left overs and add an egg. (I have just spotted some of the other posts – great minds think alike).


Left over home made Tuna Curry! yum yum

I have liked on Facebook as Tink Lee Mse and followed on Twitter as @snowted

Julie Davies

bubble and squeak – you can put absolutely anything in it and its always delicious


Left over new potatoes make a great potato salad. Add some chopped celery, chopped spring onions, a chopped hard boiled egg and your favourite mayonnaise. Makes loads and lots nicer and cheaper than bought from supermarkets.

Ruth Tesdale

I love when we have too much roast dinner adn we freeze it all and have a roast dinner mid week without all the effort

Lynne OConnor

Sunday dinner – any left over meat (especially turkey) makes a great curry, potatoes great for a potato salad


I love leftover mashed potato made into mashed potato sarnies with grated cheese and fried onions – naughtly but nice!


Probably potatoes as they are so versatile to use up – got to just LOVE bubble and squeak!!

Jamie-Lee Norris

I love leftover toast when its cold and stale tasting – im 37 weeks pregnant so this is probably why haha.


I love left over Chinese food so yummy or Kebab meat from the night before but thats a guilty pleasure after a night out :} lol

Hilda Hazel Wright

I don’t generally have leftovers as everything is carefully planned to avoid any waste…but if I were to ‘accidentally’ cook too many baked potatos, that would be amazing with some mayo!

Maya Russell

My favourite leftovers are Indian takeaways because I can usually get another lovely meal out of it – even if it is just sauce.

claire griffiths

i love the meat that is left over from sunday lunch as you can do so many things with it

Tim Bain

Fave leftovers are chicken roast dinner made into chicken has. Meat and sage stuffing heated with the gravy and served with bubble and sqeak fried leftover spuds.


potatoes – you can do so much! Open a tin of tuna and make fishcakes, or simple potato salad. We never throw cooked potatoes away!

Laura B

Leftover chicken – can be stretched out to last for days, each meal different and tasty!

ali mckenzie

leftover Sunday veg – we bubble and squeak it next day with sausage, bacon and eggs

Michele Elton

My favourite leftover is my hubbys chicken risotto! If he cooks it on a Saturday night I take the leftovers to work the next day = beats a dried up ham sandwich any day!


My favourite leftovers are peas and potatoes. They make a great frittata (perfect hot for late Sunday breakfasts or cold, for picnics)

Pauline Wilson

It has to be cold chicken, its delicious in a salad, sandwich, omelette or just to pick at in the fridge! Hungry now

Ness Gorton

It’s gotta be spuds & sprouts so I can make bubble & squeak & as i’m the only 1 who likes sprouts I get it all to myself!


nikki lane

left over greens and potatoes for bubble and squeak.
Leftover chicken for sandwiches and curries
Leftover lamb for a proper homemade sheppards pie
beef for sandwiches and curry or stew
Leftover chilli or spag bol for a baked potato topping
I could go on…………… hubby calls me “scrooge” but i learnt it all from my Nan, and proud of it. He doesn’t complain when i’m saving him money! ;-)

Sarah Spencer

All the vegetable leftovers from Sunday Lunch. They are made into Bubble and Squeak for Monday tea.

Arabella B

Any leftover roast always makes a fabulous cottage pie which reminds me of my mother!

Gabrielle Svensson

Left over beef stew is my favourite. always tastes better the day after.

sian hallewell

love my sunday roast, so if I can make myself a second with leftovers its a big win win for me

Claire Nelson

Cold pizza is a favourite but I also love roasted potatoes especially if they have been covered in gravy overnight.


My favourite leftover is mashed potato. I love it fried up topped with bacon and egg.


As old fashioned as it sounds, bubble and squeak is my favourite. But I also do an awful lot of meat in my slow cooker – the old fashioned way! I use all the leftover juices for stocks and soups (which are far more delicious than anything you would ever get out of a tin!)

anthony martin

Bubble n Squeak – save all the leftover mash and greenery and voila – bet a load of you make it over the next week now i said it…lol

me biscuit tin is empty

Love the left over chicken from sunday to make sandwhichs on monday ..lunch boxes..

paula burnside

I love leftovers from a chinese takeaway, heated up for breakfast the next day!


not many leftover in our house
carcass of a roast chicken made into a chicken soup in winter broth its lovely


I used to love bubble and squeak, but with 7 guinea pigs, there’s not much wasted veggie these days! They don’t eat new potatoes, so if there are any leftover new potatoes, I like to fry them in garlic or black pepper butter to go with a couple of sausages. Great alternative to chips!


Can’t remember what the name is for them but if you have left-over risotto (and funnily enough, since learning this recipe I only ever seem to make risotto in huge quantities…) you make it into balls surrounding pieces of cheese then fry them. Yum!


Like a lot of people – chopped up sunday roast potatoes and veg fried up with a fried egg. Yummy! xoxo

olivia kirby

i use left over chilli and put homemade potato wedges on top then grated cheese and grill :-) yummyyy

Diane Carey

When I buy a ready cooked chicken, I love what is left in a sandwich the next day on its own or with coleslaw in a long french stick


Roast Chicken, I then chop it small, mix with Mayo and Barbicue sauce and use it as a sandwich filler or for jacket potatoes. Best served hot.

Pat Walker

mashed potatoes, mashed turnip and peas all mixed together and dry fried…fantastic!

ali mckenzie

mashed potato, because you can do lots of things with it, but i like to spread it on toast, put on a layer of cheese and grill until it bubbles, melts in your mouth, mmmmmm

Dessiree Brown Llaneza

Chilli on Carne leftovers on a jacket spud. Lovely! And the chilli always tastes better the next day, same as spag bol, same as a lot of things actually!

Sheila Reeves

roast chicken, can do so much with those, add to risottos, pasta sauces, pies etc

Jodie Wakefield

Left over potatoes, mashed up, fried and added some onion, bacon and ketchup. mmmmmmmmmmmm


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