Earth Day – A Billion Acts Of Green – what are you pledging?

Earth Day 2011 is nearly upon us, 22nd April, and along with millions of people around the world I have pledged to join the ‘A Billion Acts of Green® campaign.

The aim of the ‘A Billion Acts of Green®’ is to inspire and reward simple individual acts and larger organizational initiatives that are contributing to reduce carbon emissions and supporting sustainability. The ultimate goal being that one billion acts will be registered in advance of the global Earth Summit in Rio in 2012.

The great thing about the campaign is that everyone can join in, no matter how large or small the contribution, each green act can and will make a difference.

To join the campaign, all you need to do is visit the ‘A Billion Acts of Green®’ website and register you act of green through their easy-to-use online registration tool. Here you’ll also find where communities and organizers can register Earth Day events and community activities, such as tree plantings, large-scale light bulb changes, and simple individual gestures like riding a bike instead of driving and washing laundry in cold water have also been recorded.
So what am I doing, well being the Queen of Easy Green™ with two young children, I am planning to involve them too and make and donate potted seedlings to everyone and anyone we come across.

We have started making our eco-seedling pots out of old newspaper, here’s how we’re doing it,

1. Take an old toilet roll tube
2. Wrap a sheet of old newspaper around the tube, leaving a small bit of the tube exposed at the top
3. When the paper is wrapped around, to secure in place, simply push the newspaper up through the bottom of the tube
4. Remove the tube
5. Voila – you have an eco-friendly, biodegrable seedling pot which you can plant straight in the ground when the seedling has sprouted/grown roots – the roots don’t get disturbed and you won’t have piles of seedling trays hanging around.

What seedlings are we donating – last years peas and believe me we have a plentiful supply – all free and no packaging required!

Once made, we are then going to hand out our little pea pots (doesn’t that sound nice!) to everyone who we meet, in the hope that they will plant the seedlings and enjoy the pea in the coming months. Maybe, they’ll even pass on their own pea seedlings next year – who knows?

I’ve also pledge reduce unnecessary food waste in my home, here are my pledges

So what are your plans, they don’t’ have to be too complicated, in fact as you can imagine, I’m all for the ideas which and easy green? Do let me know, I’d love to hear your plans – oh and don’t forget to pledge, the more acts of green, the more chance of us making great changes.


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