E.ON Innovation wants your energy saving ideas

As the Queen of Easy Green™ I am incredibly passionate about helping families save time, energy and money, especially through eco-innovation. That’s why I am super-excited about E.ON Innovation and the Channel 4’s series ‘Home of the Future’ which is on our TV screens on Sunday nights.

E.ON Innovation is a crowdsourcing project which aims to find the next generation of energy products and services to help us all live an easier, greener life in the future. But rather than engineers and designers predicting what products we would like, E.ON are challenging the UK public to take part and send in their own innovative ideas, with a home energy makeover worth £2000 up for grabs for the best ideas.

So how can you get involved? Well, over the coming weeks there will be five difference challenges based on the themes, rest, work, play, food and wellbeing.

The fourth challenge, which is of particular interest to me, is the food challenge, i.e. how can you save energy storing, preparing and cooking food? For example, could the energy used to cook your food be reused, have you an idea for growing food which reduces energy consumption, could waste food be used to fuel appliances in your home…?

This is a fantastic challenge and one which I’m really keen to get my teeth in, particularly as it’s a subject close to my heart. Trust me, if we can crack this one we’d be a much happier, healthier and wealthier nation.

In addition to the best submission per category winning a home energy makeover worth up to £2000, one of the five lucky winners will be selected to receive a ‘Shining Star’ award, taking their home energy makeover up to £10,000 worth!

What’s more (and this is the best bit in my opinion) the top ideas will be developed and taken into production*. Who knows, your product could be sitting on retailers shelves and saving energy for generations to come!

So, what are you waiting for? To find out how you can enter this exciting challenge head over to www.eon-innovation.com and submit your ideas. Need a little inspiration to kick start your grey matter, why not tune into the Home of the Future and see how the family are managing to live in their high tech house. Also, if you are a social media butterfly, you can follow the conversation by following E.ON on Twitter @talkingenergy and looking out for the hashtag #eoninnov.

Happy inventing and good luck!

Have you already got an invention that could save energy in the home? How do you save energy when preparing food, do drop me a line in our comment section, I’d love to hear your hints and tips?

*subject to research and development and a commercial assessment of the products/services.

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