Don’t Let Your Conservatory go to Waste this Winter

Energy efficient windows - conservatory

When you first installed your conservatory you were probably imagining spending warm summer evenings relaxing with family and friends in the comfort of your property’s new addition – and remaining in the warmth of your living room by the time winter rolled around.

However, just because it’s cold outside doesn’t mean you should forget all about your conservatory until spring. Read on as Crown Windows takes you through how to get the most out of it this winter.

Transform it into a Snug

On a really cold day you may feel that your conservatory isn’t a place you want to be – but with a bit of work you can transform it into the room you want to be in the most. So what ingredients does the perfect snug need?

Warmth: Winter makes an entire home feel colder, and the conservatory is no different, so you need to implement certain things to ensure you can stay snug in your snug.

Purchase an energy efficient heater if your central heating doesn’t cover your conservatory, while you can also buy some blankets. The key thing is to fill it with plenty of furniture, as the more empty room space there is, the easier it is for cool air to circulate.

The conservatories available from Crown Windows are all built with insulation and energy efficiency in mind, so you can feel warm in your conservatory even on the coldest of winter days.

energy efficient windows - conservatory

Lighting: You can use light to create a cosy atmosphere in your snug as Buy Cialis well. Avoid spotlights or anything too bright as this will create somewhat of a colder feel, so instead aim for more orangey colours.

Comfort: The success of your snug will all be down to how comfortable it is, so you need to make sure you invest in the right furniture. Look to buy deep arm chairs and sofas as well as accessories like foot stools and plenty of cushions.

Turn it into a Christmas room

With Christmas just around the corner (well, a couple of corners) why not transform your conservatory into a Christmas wonderland? Perfect for the kids, you can create a veritable Santa’s Grotto using fake snow, replica presents (we would advise against keeping the actual gifts in the conservatory for security reasons) and more decorations than you could shake a stick at.

You can also achieve the same cosy effect as you do with a snug if done correctly.

Relax and enjoy your garden in comfort

The best thing about your conservatory is that you can still enjoy the garden that you have lovingly slaved over all summer even when it is less than pleasant weather conditions. On a bright, crisp winter’s morning it will probably be too cold to sit outside, but your conservatory will allow you to admire your garden in warmth and comfort.

John Rooney is a homeowner who recently invested in a conservatory from UK-based Crown Windows. Check out their website to find out more about what they can offer you.

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