DIY Lunch containers – Reduce, reuse, recycle!

As I am currently working on designs for eco-friendly kitchenware products, I’m always searching for inspiration. Just look at what I found – a really simple and clever way to reduce, reuse and recycle – I also like the fact that it looks a little retro (CD boxes will soon become of thing of the past, don’t you think?). Now it’s set me thinking on what I can use my multitude of floppy disk boxes for!

Here’s the full article from

People should take notes from Rodrigo Piwonka. Sometimes it doesn’t take a lot of huffing and puffing to design something unique or sustainable. Sometimes it simply takes looking at something that was made for one purpose and imagining what else it can be used for.

Don’t beat yourself if you can’t channel Rodrigo Piwonka’s fresh eyes. It’s harder than it sounds. In the meantime, maybe you have a CD spindle lying around that you can use to take your bagel to work.


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Naomi Richards

Wow that is cool. With a husband who loves things like this I am sure he would buy one. I cannot tell you how much storage we have for leftovers etc – in every shape and size. I am really looking forward to seeing your new products – when you launching them?


It’s great isn’t it. I’m in the process of finding a potential licensee for my products. I have three products which I am currently pitching, all of which help families save time, money and waste. If you know any contacts in the juvenile/kitchenware product industry that may be interested, let me know. Speak soon, Lyndsey


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