Cut energy bills and save money this autumn

Isn’t it typical, you just get yourself ready for the short grey days and long, cold nights of Autumn, when lo! and behold the weather does a u-turn on us and we get the overly anticipated ‘Indian Summer’ that we talk about every year. Not that I’m complaining of course, it’s fab here at Easy Green towers working with the doors wide open and the sun beaming through.
Anyway, here my latest column for top lifestyle magazine At Home – it’s my top easy green tips to help you cut your household bills down and save you money this autumn whatever the weather. Or Autumn ‘leaves’ as I’ve coined it (pun fully intended!).
These tips are super simple and are guaranteed to save you money, as long as you stick with them. So please pop over, have a read (and comment) and tell me what you think. If you’ve got more ideas, do let me know – as a certain supermarket always tells us ‘every little helps’!

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