Love your leftovers: Count On It labels featured in Eat In magazine

We are proud to announce that Count On It labels are featured in this month’s Eat In magazine, the monthly magazine for food lovers and aspiring cooks everywhere.

If you’ve not got your copy yet, check this out to give you a flavour of what’s in store.

Thank you ‘Eat In’ and food lovers everywhere, if you want to make good use of your leftovers, why not click on our Count On It link here to buy some labels to try.

Count On It labels, the easy peel label, freezer label. These removable labels are perfect for jars, freezing leftovers and baby food storage, freezing baby food. No need for Sharpies, Count On It labels self adhesive labels can be used on freezer bags, food storage tubs and glass storage containers. Ideal for safe food storage, they make First In First Out – they are an easy to use food storage calculator. Count On It food storage labels for safe food storage.

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