Channel 4 TV – Are you Britain’s Most Frugal Person?

Are you fabulously frugal or nifty and thrifty?

Do you make sure you get every last penny out of what you buy, are great a spotting a bargain or have innovative ways of saving money? If you do, Channel 4 want to hear from you!

Channel 4 is looking for Britain’s Most Frugal people for a new documentary.

Within this documentary they will be celebrating the different people’s attitudes to being frugal and finding out the ways and means that people get value for money.

Maybe you’re a serial Competition Winner, Bargain Hunter or a Voucher Addict.

If you love a bargain and are careful with your cash, or know someone who is, then get in touch, either by calling 020 7017 1642 or emailing –

Good luck!

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