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Pledge4Plastics - limited edition designer phone case made from recycled plastic bottles
Pledge 4 Plastics, a new government backed campaign created to significantly increase the collection of plastic packaging for recycling, has teamed up with internationally renowned designer, stylist and author, Abigail Ahern, for an exciting new collaboration that aims to get recycling back on the household agenda.

Knowing that five billion plastic bottles were sent to UK landfill sites last year, the initiative has joined forces with Abigail Ahern to launch #Pledge4Plastics, a campaign that is urging people to make a promise to recycle just one extra plastic bottle per household each week.

To highlight the many ways plastic can be given a new life if recycled correctly, Abigail Ahern, has channelled her uniquely quirky and recognisable style to design her first ever bespoke phone cover, which is made from 80 percent recycled plastic bottles. Internationally acclaimed for her own retail ranges and unswerving design taste, this is the first time Abigail Ahern has turned her hand to fashion accessories.

One thousand limited edition phone covers, available for iPhone 5C/S and Samsung S5, have been designed exclusively for #Pledge4Plastics, to reward those who register their support online throughout September at or tweet @pledge4plastics.

Pledge4Plastics - limited edition designer phone case made from recycled plastic bottles

Abigail Ahernsaid: “As a designer, I’m always looking for creative ways to produce beautiful things. I find it most inspiring to discover new materials and production methods.

“It’s been amazing to work on creating a design for something that’s going to be made out of recycled plastic bottles. The #Pledge4Plastics campaign is a great way to demonstrate that what people often think of as ‘just’ rubbish can actually be made into a fabulous new object of desire.”

Abigail AhernIt’s important to remember that #Pledge4Plastics is not just about recycling water and drinks bottles, it includes all types of plastic bottles, from every room in the house, ranging from shampoo bottles and shower gels to domestic bleach bottles and cooking oil. Not forgetting to recycle food pots, tubs and trays (like yoghurt pots, margarine tubs and lasagne trays), where Local Authorities collect them for recycling, will help to reduce the amount of plastics that goes to landfill.

Kerbside recycling schemes and dedicated recycling centres run by every local authority in the country, along with plenty of information available online at, mean there are lots of easy ways for people to support the campaign at home.

Led by Recoup, a longstanding plastics recycling charity, the National Plastics Recycling Initiative is supported by partners including, Coca Cola Enterprises, Marks & Spencer, Unilever, Nestle Waters, Nestle UK, RPC, Veolia, Closed Loop Recycling, Valpak, Kent Resource Partnership, Surrey County Council, PlasticsEurope, WRAP and Defra. The steering group has been formed to tackle the serious issue of plastic packaging recycling in the UK and help to meet the challenging targets set by the UK government.

Stuart Foster, CEO of Recoup, said: “The #Pledge4Plastics campaign aims to encourage people to think and act differently and rewards them for doing so. We want to highlight how great things can come from recycling unwanted plastic. The fantastic phone cover that Abigail Ahern has designed for the campaign is made with recycled plastic and provides just one example of what can become of recycled bottles.”

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