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This month, as part of my Businesses that Green Our World series, I’d like to introduce The Cork Shop, a new ecommerce business that aims to bring the very best cork products to UK customers.

Durable, waterproof and sustainable, partners Paul and Liz understand the versatility of cork and are passionate about educating people about this eco-material as well as sharing their range of designer cork products.

To tell us their story and how cork can be used for so much more than just wine stoppers, here is my interview with one of The Cork Shop’s owners, Paul Renda.

Cork Box Light

Firstly, tell me a little more about you and your background.

We are a small and enthusiastic e-commerce business created by two crazy corkers’ Paul and Liz, which are always in the quest for the cream of the crop in designer cork products, presenting them all in one nice convenient place. Paul is the techie one, never to far from a keyboard and Liz is the bossy boots, making sure our coffee supply never ends.

Tell me more about your products and how it is green?

Living sustainably is not just about technology or scientific innovations, it’s about the little things, too! For us cork is the perfect material and it is not only because of the many attributes, but also because these products are sustainable and eco-friendly. Cork is a soft, light as a feather, versatile, waterproof, insulating and very durable. Check our why cork section and find out more about this amazing natural material, Why Cork?

Our cork product range is so varied that we have beautifully crafted jewellery, to relax and sit at a coffee table. A tea set made of cork and ceramic with kitchenware using both cork and bamboo. We are always trying to get more products, unique ones on the website.

Paul and Liz - The Cork ShopHow did you come Generic Cialis up with the idea?

On our travels to the Algarve visiting family, we have seen this industry grow, with shops popping up everywhere, from the Algarve, to Lisbon, to Spain and now even in New York. So we thought it was about time we brought this lovely product to the UK and centralise it all in one nice convenient place.

What has been your proudest moment to date?

It was most certainly the official launch of our e-commerce website. The task of creating from scratch an e-commerce website might seem simple, but it is a mammoth task.

What has been your biggest success to date?

Our biggest success to date is to have been entrusted to be the official representatives in the United Kingdom for Pelcor – fashion accessories, Imaterial – my box collection and Hmade – technology. We hope that other partnerships will follow.

What are your plans for 2014?

We look forward to establish our brand and become the place people come to search for all things designer cork, except cork wine stoppers or cork flooring.

Cork striped clutch

Where can people buy/ find out more about your product?

The best place to find our products is on our online e-commerce shop at,

In the eventuality the product you want is out of stock, chase us, because we are here to help and we might get that product sooner. We are also around the social networks, such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn, you name it. Search for TheCorkShop and we should be there right at the top.

Your Chance to Win!

I’m very pleased to announce that Queen of Easy Green has partnered with The Cork Shop to offer one lucky winner the chance to win a Striped Clutch worth £80!

For your chance to win this amazing prize, simply complete the Rafflecopter box below.

Good luck!

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For me, I think the items (because I can’t think of just one) would have to be either the teapot or the Essential Tote bag.

Lovely company though.



The notebooks are lovely – I do prefer good old-fashioned pen and paper over an impersonal keyboard lol! Bit of a luddite, I am!!!

Charlotte Hood

The Striped Clutch is actually my favourite, also like the Iris Handbag Sunset!

Kerry Lethbridge

So much great stuff but I absolutely love the bag you are giving away

claire davey


Linda McGarrigle

The Three Side Coffee Table is amazing it’s not a table it’s a work of Art x

Teresa Sheldon

I love the cork adjust-a bowl is gorgeous and would look great with fruit or pot porri in


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