Businesses that Green our World – Garden Climbing Frames

This month, as part of my Businesses that Green Our World series, I’d like to introduce, a young company that aims to make outdoor play eco-friendly and accessible to all.

Understanding the importance of the freedom to play in a child’s development and with a shared passion for outdoor play, partners Paul and Marianne are on a mission to make bespoke garden play equipment fun, sustainable and affordable for all. To tell us their story and more about their fabulous products, here is my interview with Garden Climbing Frames owner, Paul Smith.

garden climbing frames made from sustainably sourced wood

I asked Paul to tell me a little more about himself and their story

I have worked in ecommerce almost all of my life, building every type of online shop imaginable from bikes to bagpipes. In 2003 I made the leap to start my own business, selling games tables such as pool, snooker, air hockey and table tennis.

Tell me more about your products and what makes them special?

Garden Climbing Frames have evolved over the years, making leaps and bounds, both in terms of their design and the choice of materials to create them. Our Action climbing frames are beautifully constructed from top grade *PEFC pine which is sustainably sourced in order to help protect the environment for future generations to enjoy. They are also as sturdy as their metal counterparts, but arguably look far more beautiful in a natural garden environment.

Unlike the “come as they are” designs of the past, our flexible modular climbing frames can be positioned in a number of ways to suit the shape and size of your garden. In addition you only pay for the features you really want, such as a swing arm, slide or fireman’s pole, saving you money and space in the garden.

*PEFC – The Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification is an international non-profit organisation dedicated to ensuring that timber products are produced with respect for the highest ecological social and ethical standards. Consumers who choose PEFC certified products actively help to maintain our forests and natural resources for generations to come.

How did you come up with the idea?

After meeting my lovely partner Marianne two years ago, we soon realised we shared a passion for play and looked for a way to explore this. Stories of her childhood adventures, playing on homemade go carts, assault courses and tree houses inspired us to create Garden Climbing Frames to help bring the same excitement and happiness to children everywhere, whilst helping to encourage active outdoor play and exercise.

We wanted to find a way of making climbing frames accessible and affordable to all. The modular nature of the Action range allows parents to choose their own design, whilst controlling the budget at all times and having a positive impact on the environment. New and exciting play modules can be added as children grow up and develop new abilities and skills or as a special treat for birthdays and Christmas.

What has been your proudest moment to date?

We are lucky enough to live right next to RAF Brize Norton and get to watch all of the planes on maneuvers each day. This summer we helped to sponsor the officers annual summer ball by providing a selection of giant garden games and croquet sets for the event. In gratitude for their service, we offer a permanent 10% discount for all RAF members.

What has been your biggest success to date?

We have recently launched a children’s competition to design their dream climbing frame to win £250 for mum and dad to spend with us on slides, swings and accessories. We have loved looking through the creative entries. Our favourite designs included a trampoline and even a hang glider – something for us to consider in the future perhaps?

eco-friendly garden climbing frames

What are your plans for the rest of 2012 and looking forward to 2013?

We shall be introducing a new professional installation service, which will initially cover a one hundred mile radius of Oxfordshire with plans to expand upon its success.

Where can people buy/ find out more about your product?

Visit our website for complete climbing frame sets, play modules and climbing frame accessories. Why not design your own climbing frame using our free tools or ask one of our play team to design your dream climbing frame with you.

Finally, Paul has agreed to give all Queen of Easy Green fans the opportunity to win an incredible prize giveaway worth over £250!

This fabulous prize includes a standalone double swing arm with the winners choice of *swing attachments!

The Victory (as seen in the picture above) has space for two double rope attachments, such as a wooden swing seat and a baby swing, plus one single rope attachment on the end, such as a climbing rope or monkey seat.

For your chance of winning this amazing prize, just complete the box below and good luck!

*Offer excludes duo swing seat (which requires additional swing supports) and rubber swing seat with steel chains.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Shelley Jessup

Defintely the Horizontal Tyre swing as I remember most of my childhood swinging on them!


I would choose the trapeze bar with metal rings as my little one is a little money and loves hanging

Laura Harris

Trapeze bar and metal gym rings – perfect climbing equipment for my climbing monkey!

Rachel Craig

My choice is Adaptable Baby Seat Growing Type. As it would be required for my toddler. Whilst it is also practical,durable and enticing due to the bright primary colours,


We are lucky enough to live beside the sea so can see it from our home – therefore the Ships Telescope would be a grwat accessory, as my children could see the ships, boats, seagulls, ferry to Norway, etc up close!

Darren Bowdem

I would choose the firemans pole for my sons climbing frame. We are just finishing our garden project so this would be an amazing prize to win.

Kathleen marsden

My grandson would love the basket ball ring as he loves the one we have on the wall.

Amanda Hurst

It would have to be the trapeze bar with metal gym rings, our Grandaughter is a budding gymnast!


My budding 3 gymnastics would love the acrobatic accessories, particularly the metal gym bar. Although I am not sure my heart would take it watching it for too long :-)


Mine would have to be the pink wavy slide as my 2 year old daughter is obsessed with slides and it’s her favorite thing to go on at any park that we visit, and being pink would be the icing on the cake!


Would so love this for my foster children, sure would keep them in the garden and at the same time as having loads of fun they would have lots of lovely fresh air…..Great comp

Laura Chapman

Love the Rocket Rider, then when her sister gets a little bit bigger, she can ride on it too : )

Laura x

kellie McIntyre

I would pick the pendulum tyre swing-as I think that would be the most fun. (And could take mummies weight!! )

Natasha Gandy

The Rock Climbing Footholds so they can have a mini rock climbilg wall ! How fantastic are some of the additions to the frames !! x


It’d have to be the slide. My little one has a toddler slide which she’s outgrown – winning this would be OUT OF THIS WORLD!

Tiffany Oconnell

The Oxo spinners because my children like playing naughts and crosses so they would love that,
Fantastic prize fingers crossed


Susan Townshend

I would add some sort of buzzer/ bell to ring for when it’s time to come in for dinner!

Laura Williams

I would choose the metal gym bar because my children are little monkeys and love hanging and swinging from bars! Oooo Ooo ahhh ahhhh! (that’s a monkey sound by the way!!! Lol)

Thank you!


Nicola Marie Reynolds

With two car mad young boys its an easy choice for me, it’s have to be the Car steering wheel! Fantastic giveaway.


I would love to have this for my neices and great neices and nephews, I love seeing them happy and something like this would create hours of giggles and the sound of family members happy especially the little ones is the best sound in the world. x

Kirsty Fox

I would choose the Rocket Rider, it looks like so much fun, I wish I could fit on it, lol

Rachel Jones

My son codie always wants to be a pirate so with the ships steering wheel his fantasy could come true!


I’d choose the 3m wavy green slide. And if I was allowed a 2nd (it was hard to chose just 1!) then the horizontal tyre swing.

Lesley Bain

The metal Gym Bar – my daughter spends all of her time at the park twirling around this she would love to have one of her own in the garden :)


awesome giveaway, I would choose:
1. Oxo Spinner
2. Ships Telescope
3. Green Plastic Telephone
4. Chalk Blackboard
5. Basketball ring
6. Basket Ball
7. Adaptable Swing Seat, growing type
8. 3 metre pink wavy slide

Emma K

These look lovely. I love the natural wood it’s so much more pleasing than the bright chunky plastic climbing frames and swings you can get! Even I wouldn’t mind this in our garden it’s beautiful, really great design! My little boy would LOVE one of these I’d love to be able to win him one! I’d pick the rings!


A periscope – but not just for the kids… for me as well! I’ve always wanted to try one out. remember making a pretend periscope when I was little with toilet roll tubes. It didn’t work of course, but like all kids I used to love imaginative play.

Jessica L

It’d have to be a fireman’s pole – it’d be good practice my 3 year old who is determined to be a fireman when he grows up.

Wendy Collard

I would choose the Ships Steering Wheel. My children love role playing, dressing up and transforming their surrounding into wonderful lands of adventure. The steering wheel would be absolutely perfect for them, when sailing the pirate ship, steering the rocket ship to out of space and racing round Brands Hatch top speed! they would Love it!

wendy stanger

Trapeze bar with rings for my little gymnasts – in fact that might be a pressie sorted @kikicomp

Alison Clifford

I would have to have a baby seat and the trapeze bar for my older children so all 4 children can enjoy the frame!


I would choose a swingseat and telephone. Grandchildren would love it in their newly landscaped garden!


it would have to be the 3m wavy Green Slide after all who doesn’t like a slide ( yes even at my age!)

R. Sellar

Two things…..I’d like all of them please and why do the oxo spinners remind me of gravy??…Hmmmmmmm

Susan Willett

Would love a swing in my garden but its too small. Congratulations to Paul and Marianne from Auntie Sue


They’re fabulous garden swings aren’t they, plus they encourage children to enjoy outside play and use their imaginations – it’s a win-win! Thanks for your comments :)


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